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  1. fond this on gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/marangaroo/cars-vans-utes/nissan-cefiro/1009754943
  2. kris what skirts you running mate. tell me there not custom.
  3. i couldn't find anyone selling them but i found this link http://custompinoyrides.com/2010/05/dc-shoes-nissan-cefiro-by-atoy-body-kits/ pretty funny looking kit but he has done something tho the rear fenders.
  4. i have one of those grill's sitting at home. i thought it looked pretty cool on my ceffy. i have the r32 gtr style one now though
  5. hey there have a31 rb25det. has a greddy plenum. just bought a tomi fuel rail n have realised that the injectors i have are for a different size fuel rail. the tomi fuel rail description is it Suits 11mm Top O'ring injectors. does anyone have a picture or better still a link to where i could get 500 to 550 denso injectors or any good after market injectors to fit. really need this car back on the road. cheers.
  6. have bough a few cheaper ones and the screw fitting have been crocked when they were tapped in. so I'm not mucking about now want the best. cheers for the help. what other brand do good fuel rails.
  7. hey guys i have a rb25det greedy plenum n want to get a sard delivery pipe. were can i find one been looking everywhere n can find. please help. ez
  8. i used s14 front hubs on mine and i used an r32 rear cradle which had the hubs on it for the rear
  9. hey what skirt is that on the above ceffy
  10. i recon it is were the pads slide into the cradle. you know the skiny metal guides. i have had it happen before. they fold over and scrape on the disc
  11. Jap wholesale spares in wangara might be able to help. ask for nick he knows everything about cefiro's. i got mine though him.
  12. get ya fibre glass gloves on n make a custom mount up or look for one on the net. what car was it by the way
  13. i got told today that you can actually use the stock 25 plenum bracket for the cable mount.
  14. i have just done the same. get an s14 cable fits perfect just a bit of modification to the mounting
  15. its for the intercooler to throttle body. will check these ones out.
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