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  1. Hey mate sorry i didn't reply earlier busy with work and shit, but can't really tell you a lot bout my engines situation as i'm waiting for Andy to finish his dyno at hyperdrive, but did sought out the idle issues there this thing at the back of the engine on the left hand side that deals with the rev limits while its at a stand. you can see a screwdriver hole turn this to the right...

  2. For sale is my GTX 570 dual fan. The card is 2 months old and has been used about 20hrs. It has not been overclocked and comes boxed with everything it came with (except lolioscope voucher i threw away) I decided to change graphics card so i can have a nv surround setup (more ram needed). I can arrange delivery anywhere (im in WA) $300 delivered. Pm me if you are interested.
  3. I had 234hp on 9 psi stock except nistune piggyback. Was told more could be made with higher boost, but left it there. This was quite a while ago.
  4. Case: Antec DF-85 Cooling: Coolermaster V8 +8 Antec Case Fans Motherboard: Asus Rampage 3 Extreme CPU: Intel i7 970 @4ghz RAM: 6GB CorsairUltimate Dominator @1600Mhz 1.65v Sound: Logitech 5.1ch Monitor: BenQ 24" LCD Graphics Card: Gainward GTX570- for sale!!! - $300 Power: Antec 1000W Quattro HDD(s): 60gb OCZ SSD+ 1 WD 1,500GB hdd OS Used: Win7
  5. Most auto retailers sell them too..... supercheap auto have 750ml and 1L ones from memory around $70-$80 for kit
  6. blitz 525cc injectors with fuel rail spacer might work?? there aint much in injector choice for the neo.
  7. aren't 1000cc injectors a bit much for 300kw? if you want decent response you might want cams, my 3076 is a bit laggy for my liking. especially if sticking to stock mani my mistake... no cams and internal gate. this will have to change.
  8. yeah its the same stuff.... except it is 'specifically designed for airflow meters' and a few bucks more expensive
  9. stock one? i got a neo turbo. Op6 rear housing selling for $400. Pm me if interested
  10. Haha see ^ 34's are untouchable.... against slow cars
  11. Any ideas when the next will be held?? Definately interested.
  12. all fixed. Wont go back to thompsons though, scratched my rim, Cheers guys
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