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  1. Hi All. I have just picked spare Tomei Reytec ECU for cheap price. Do someone have software for this ECU?
  2. Got the speedo working.... Hooked up green wire to ABS speed wire (#19 in brown connector behind cluster)
  3. Still have no luck with the dash.... Still cant find wiring diagram.
  4. Folks, could you please help with wiring of Tommy Kaira cluster for R34 Skyline!? As far as I know: RED = +12v ORANGE = +12v ignition BLACK = earth Green wire is for speed readings. How to hook it up? The cluster is like this: Other photos can be found here: http://www.skyline-owners-club.com/forums/...ra-r34-gtt.html
  5. In excellend cond.
  6. Yeh, this is good known "reverse lock" problem. Thanks anyway, I'll try to check.
  7. My ECR33 is daily driver and I don't planning any overboosting. And I think atmo gearbox will handle stock power levels. But the problem is with the reverse gear. Don't know what should I do for now. ps. Yep, the gearbox is from parted out R32.
  8. Swapped manual gearbox from R32 RB20DET into ECR33. 1-5 gears work fine. But reverse gear can't be "fixed", it jumps back into neutral. To move backward, I must engage reverse gear and fix it by left hand. What can happend with the gearbox? ps. Sorry for my English, this is not my native language.
  9. Hi All. Paul, thanks a lot for PFC FAQ. Great work! I have read whole document and this topic also, but I still have no solution for my problem. I have '95 R33 with RB25DET and few mods (like 3" exhaust, apexi power intake, larger turbo etc.) and PFC from BCNR33. My question is: what changes shoud I do in RB25 wiring loom to connect BCNR33 PFC, and of cource to make it work correctly? ps. Sorry for my English, this is not my native language.
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