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  1. WTB R32 GTR passenger side indicator Mine took a vacation from it's home somewhere north of 100 and decided to update my fender with some new panel work AKA dents, lot's of em. Yay. Looking for a replacement stock amber unit
  2. Close topic, I've found a couple.
  3. Chasing a couple of Red bucket seats. My preference is Bride Stradia II Low Max - Red. Bride rails would also be ideal
  4. What are they worth out of curiosity? I have a set, about to take them off the car in place of a set of Meisters.
  5. Hey mate, is the HKS intake still available?
  6. Larger steel wheel turbos, deleted rear wiper, no abs, different body kit.. among other things. There were only 560 made, so definitely not crazy rare, but they're also not the most common things out there. I'm curious what they're fetching.
  7. Hi all, I'm after some info from the gurus here. I have a friend who's going through a divorce, things are getting nice and messy as these things can do. The couple in question have an r32 GTR which has been in storage for the last 12 years. Completely bone stock Nismo edition from what I understand. 200,000 1989 So the question, what are these things worth nowadays? I was shopping for so long before finding my 32, so I'm across the value of your standard GTRs, but the Nismo throws a bit of a curve ball.
  8. Italian designed Millenium II steering wheel Came off my 32 GTR, so standard 6 bolt pattern I've been searching the net like mad and can't find these wheels anywhere so i have no idea if I'm asking too much. $60 Located in Ballarat Victoria, can post at the buyers expense
  9. Disregard, have purchased
  10. Chasing WORK Meister S1 3P rims for an r32 GTR 114.3
  11. Please disregard, have purchased a car.
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