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  1. colin.ssc

    HFC all the way. Have a look at Fast Intensions or Stillen. I have a pair of second hand Stillen ones if you are interested.
  2. colin.ssc

    The 07's and up has the TCU in the gearbox itself. So I assume I could just replace the TCU in the new box with my old TCU? So either a new/used box or VB, just use the existing TCU?
  3. colin.ssc

    Yeah okay I’ll have a look. My Transgo install went bad a couple of years back. Thought it was time to get it all fixed. Just wasn’t sure what’s the best way of going about it.
  4. Hey guys, can anyone shed some light to the process of replacing a 5 A/T gearbox on the earlier V36 sedans? Is it a straight swap if its the whole gearbox or will I run into issues with TCM pairing with the ECU? Or say if I just put in a new valve body, TCM pairing issues with valve body?
  5. colin.ssc

    Ah okay, cool. How much did it cost to tune? Licence too? Want to see what you guys over east pay comparing to here. Grounding kit definitely cleans up some issues (lag etc), surprised how bad the factory grounding was on these cars.
  6. colin.ssc

    Ah okay, not too bad results. Do you have the AFR charts as well? And did your misfiring issues got fixed?
  7. colin.ssc

    What’s mods do you have?
  8. colin.ssc

    It'll be a direct fit. You will need new rotors with that. If you are able to find local 370z parts, it'll be a direct fit as well. They are the same brakes.
  9. colin.ssc

    I have one, can you private message me and ill go dig around tomorrow morning for it.
  10. colin.ssc

    Oh wow that's interesting. Was it made by themselves?
  11. colin.ssc

    Hey gais. I’m not too bad. Been busy busy being away and also with work. Business is shit in January, people seem to have spent all they moolay over Christmas haha!! Do come for Australia Day!! Will try get the menu for ya’ll ASAP. Elsie~~ remind me
  12. colin.ssc

    Hai's everyone doing? Been awhile =(
  13. colin.ssc

    Mind updating us once you have installed it? Does it work with the dash in that the cruise light comes on etc?
  14. colin.ssc

    Lol you guys can still come you know....
  15. colin.ssc

    Shit Monday morning, too early to deal with so much crap lol