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  1. Test pipes and 2.5" til exit will be loud. Custom exhaust will always be trial and error especially with the Varex muffler. You can just add a resonator or xpipe later on if it's too loud for your liking. I personally think with the test pipes that it'll be way too loud but I prefer my exhaust notes to come on when I go above 3.5k rpm.
  2. Try KYP in Welshpool. Rattle from middle of car could either be cats or exhaust pipes, heat shields or like mine, something in my car is making the rattle. Should be something under the passenger seat. I have not taken the seat out yet to have a look.
  3. What sort of help do you need?
  4. With the local ones, does the speed go past 180kms?
  5. Nothing yet 😧 but yeh, been trying to find a Canadian cluster but somehow always end up finding an USA one.
  6. PMed......guessing Dashy is after the cluster too
  7. Steering wheel controls and shroud sold.
  8. Hi all, I have a couple of V36 parts for sale. 1. PV36 OEM ECU - $300. Hitachi made, test working. 2. V36 OEM Steering wheel control switches + shroud - $120. USED test working, no scratches.
  9. For sale, OEM V35 Clear Side Indicators. Looking at $60. This is new and never used. I'm located in Perth Metro.
  10. You will need to change the bumper, grille and headlights if you want the look of the post face.
  11. Yea the grounding wires for the V36 works wonders for throttle and gear shifts. Definitely recommend everyone to do it.
  12. Thanks mate, you in Perth? Yea I am, down at Success
  13. HFC all the way. Have a look at Fast Intensions or Stillen. I have a pair of second hand Stillen ones if you are interested.
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