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  1. Mines a V36 350GT VQ35HR with 5 A/T - 202kw using UpRev on Dynapack. Gear ratio i used was 3.692.
  2. Is there an easier alternative/aftermarket solution?
  3. 0-100kms in 6 seconds...am I missing something here?
  4. I have a Walbro GSS342 255lph in my V36 sedan. We had to shave some of the plastic off to get it to fit.
  5. There should be stores around that can do odometer calibration. Try asking your local car audio visual stores if they know of anyone who can do them.
  6. Hope she gets better soon and thanks for sharing the vids, very interesting!
  7. hahaha! I have a lip already....upgrading front end though.......
  8. Yea tell me about it. I'm on my 2nd set now and it seems like its on the way out. Some of these OEM parts I swear are shite.
  9. If you are running stock wheels, you will need to get the stock nuts. Aftermarket ones will not fit properly, unless that's changed since I last checked 2 years ago. The part number you are looking for is 40224JK00A.
  10. I have my stock suspensions and springs in storage. Can take em out if you want to buy them. Took the stock springs off the car at 38,000kms and suspensions at 105,000kms. Both look fine. I’m in WA.
  11. On my V36, I had to reflash my ECU with UpRev to disable NATS.
  12. Head unit is abit too much work as the headunit runs most of the car's electronics, you can check out Tesla style headunit swap that some people are doing now. I currently run Hertz HSK165 for fronts, HSK163 for rears with Audison Lrx 4.1k and 2x Hertz HX300D with Audison Lrx 1.1k. They all go through Audison Bit Ten processor.
  13. Test pipes and 2.5" til exit will be loud. Custom exhaust will always be trial and error especially with the Varex muffler. You can just add a resonator or xpipe later on if it's too loud for your liking. I personally think with the test pipes that it'll be way too loud but I prefer my exhaust notes to come on when I go above 3.5k rpm.
  14. Yesssssss, round tail lights are back!
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