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  1. 1989 R32 GTR Basic forged build Haltech Platinum Plug in -9 turbos 1000cc injectors Tomei type B poncams Tomie Ti front pipes and exhaust Standard Airbox Flex tune DVS Tuning made great midrange on relativley low boost 18-19psi 326kw on 98 342kw on E85
  2. 1989 R32 GTR Swapped out the power FC for a haltech Platinum Plug and play Rebuilt forged engine rods piston studs ect Stock cams & head upgraded springs and retainers HKS Gtss turbos Tomie manifolds dumps and Ti exhuast 1000cc injectors Stock airbox and intake 315kw on 18psi pump 98 Drives awesome
  3. Mate im interested. I cant pm yet. Can you email me your details ill get in contact. andrewdenniss@bigpond.com Cheers Andrew
  4. 1989 R32 GTR Stock internals. HKS GT-SS turbos. Tomei Expreme manifolds and dumps. Hand made front pipe (Dual 3" into 3.5" then metal cat) Apexi ECU Apexi boost control. Nismo fuel pump and reg Sard 700cc Stock airflows and intercooler. Made 301rwkw @17psi on Unigroup dyno
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