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  1. Nice car. I was looking to get the engine rebuilt. But I got a family friend looking into it.
  2. I considered that. Anyone know if AWD and RWD blocks are interchangeable? Id guess not. I found a place that will rebuild the long engine for $4.5k. Which would come with a warranty. Id have to get my hands dirty removing it and installing it. I'm thinking of going down that path.
  3. So I took it to a local place to get fixed. It turned out it was the head gasket. The head itself and the turbo checked out ok. Unfortunately the block is also pitted badly. The previous owner patched it up which lasted 160K. A new head gasket and the work to dismantle it and put it back together was going to cost $2K. I thought that was ok. Now with the extra work of fixing the block they want $6K. So this is re-using original components. Not a rebuild. Apparently the block can be machined with the rotating assembly fitted. I think $6k is a bit rich. It is an AWD, What you guys think?
  4. I'll have to get the HR31 going to get the Stagea into the garage
  5. i Thanks I wonder if I should get the engine rebuilt? Or just patch it up and get it back on the road. Timing belt is due. It has 245k on the clock. Water pump got done about 100k back, with the last timing belt. I think everything else is original. I think there might be an issue with the turbo as well. I thought taking the head off had issues with exhaust studs breaking etc.
  6. Anyone had any recent good/bad experience with Brisbane workshops? I recently took my Stagea to Red Devil Radiators at Archerfield, It sat there for five weeks and they didn't touch it. I ended up driving it home unfixed. They are a nice bunch, but were really busy, more suited to more common vehicles.
  7. George Fury drove a turbo Bluebird and DR30 Skyline. Jim Richards drove the HR31 GTS-R Skyline. I own a GTS-X HR31, im a big fan of them. But id probably choose a R34 GTR. Looks cool and aggressive, particularly in R34 Nismo Z-Tune.
  8. I did a 25min radiator flush yesterday. Just idling away. I didn't think the heater got very hot. Some white smoke out the back.
  9. Buy an R34 GTT, then drop a non turbo engine in it till you get your opens. I bought one with ECU etc for $400.
  10. I might try a radiator flush, poring the the flush straight into the bleed holes.
  11. Thanks yeah bit of a hike. I have done one flush recently maybe I should try another, and squeeze some coolant hoses.
  12. I took it to a radiator place a while back. It sat there for five weeks and they were too busy to touch it so I grabbed it back.
  13. Today I jacked up the front. Put my funnel on. Started it up. Loosened the bleed bolts. Set heater to 32°. It got up to running temperature. The rear bleed bolt seemed to bleed ok. The front bleed bolt seemed to blow bubbles the whole time. The funnel funnel gained coolant, I didn;t put any in it.. I just had it idling the whole time. It stayed at running temperature. The heater didn't seem to get hot. Does this mean its a water pump issue?
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