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  1. vic 

    Hey mate, can you send me a pic of the front splitter
  2. I got a 2013 c63 with performance pack for the mrs back in January. This thing has no problems keeping up with 350kw gtr's. You will love the low down tourqe (as this is what sold me on it in the first place). Sounds heaps better than an m4 and is practical with 4 doors. Take one for a drive if you enjoyed the r35 power delivery.
  3. Hey mate do you have any pics of wheels on your car?
  4. Hey mate do u have any more pics on how they sit on the gtt? What city are u in?
  5. Looks similar to a gt40 but not as good. Whats the details on the car?
  6. Hi guys, anybody know the part number for rear carbon diffuser for the r34 gtr? Also best place to order a new one? Thanks.
  7. Of course there going to take ages to sell. The gtr market has always been slow but the auction sheets dont lie. People are paying these prices and sellers will just have to be patient
  8. Hey mate sorry I wouldnt know. I tried doing a search for you but couldnt find a clear answer. Ask your workshop tomorrow?
  9. Hey guys 61000km used on diff. Can be picked up in Melbourne or postage can be arranged. PM please $1000.