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  1. Hey mate, not sure if its a series 1 or 2 but it is from 1998 model manual gtt. The diff gears are 4.11 and I believe it is a helical diff.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Been off the grid. Steering wheel not for sale anymore. Sorry
  3. Hey mate nice work! Very interested to see how this turn out Will you be removing the clay from your car once its fibreglassed?
  4. Seats front and rear, great condition. $350 Standard steering wheel with air bag. $70 Full set of floor mats. $80 Rear Diff, working perfectly. $250 Miscellaneous suspension pieces. $80.
  5. dkbcleaner

    Ok thanks mate, will do [emoji106]
  6. dkbcleaner

    Hey guys, ive got a set of z221 for the gtt which ill be running at winton this weekend. What is the recommended tyre pressures cold and hot for these tyres?
  7. dkbcleaner

    Ok so got the steering wheel and quick release put in. Got a deep dish wheel as i wanted the wheel closer to me. Very happy with it. Perfect length for me.
  8. dkbcleaner

    Ive just entered the gtt. Anyone from sau going?
  9. dkbcleaner

    If i still need it after I install these item then ill let you know, thanks