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  1. Of course there going to take ages to sell. The gtr market has always been slow but the auction sheets dont lie. People are paying these prices and sellers will just have to be patient
  2. Hey mate sorry I wouldnt know. I tried doing a search for you but couldnt find a clear answer. Ask your workshop tomorrow?
  3. Hey guys 61000km used on diff. Can be picked up in Melbourne or postage can be arranged. PM please $1000.
  4. Wow amazing! Thanks for sharing Terry
  5. Thats awesome!! Is there a unique story about the car? How the owner acquired it ect?
  6. Sorry to hear Dan. Id be devastated if that happened to me as well. Ive copped a few stone chips on these country drives as well. Learnt to at least keep a 50 meter distance to the car in front for these reasons. Also gives more time to react if something went wrong to the car in front at some of these speeds.
  7. Haha Leroy i think that was a pretty funny summary. Dan, What do you think of the e500 coupe?
  8. I think ive seen them on mx5s
  9. Hey op how did you go? Found anything you like?
  10. Haha love Japanese translations