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  1. thanks mate! And yer I do plan on reving it as high as I can go. Ahhahaha so springs have been in my mind but it's the money that gets in my way. The cams are bought by the way... Just waiting for them to come! =)
  2. Thanks guys.. Does anyone know where the r34 fuel pumps are located? Cheers
  3. Does the turbo fuel system have the same wiring harness as the na? For a swap. Cheers
  4. Thanks soo they would be ok like 9.25 lift? I think I'm going to do it. With emanage ultimate tuned, 2.5" cat back, high flow cat, turbo injectors, turbo fuel pump and regulator, cams and valve springs. I think I should make decent power! I'll keep you guys updated =]
  5. Hey mate how much duration and lift were the cams? And what is the maximum lift for an rb25de? Cheers
  6. I'm thinking of buying a peair of tomei cam shafts type b for my na r34. I was just wondering if type b would be ok as in would it hit anything? Thanks!
  7. So I could put more aggressive cams for a turbo 34 in my na 34? How much more lift and duration would I go?
  8. So would gtt cams be ok on na or would they hit or something?
  9. You can put any cams and gears in as long as there made to suit.. Although you will lose VCT
  10. R34 turbo cams in an r34 na. Is it possible?
  11. vacuum guage would be the most useful for keeping a nice watch and looks really sporty too
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