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  1. thanks for the read and reply, something you don't realise till after you have installed it !
  2. Whats up Dose with your skyline ? Trying to read your thread but just talks about computer games. Sum up plans for you skyline in 100 words or less !
  3. With new oil cooler it takes 20-30 minutes of idling to get the gauge to move. Even at the track it takes a while and is always super low temps. I installed it low and air flow, ive now had to put cardboard across the front to try and keep some heat in - just gets so cool so quickly. 15-60 for race oil and tracking is not necessary now, just regular 15-40 Nulon is fine. Even with the oil cooler 4.75 L of oil is needed to fill up.
  4. Tried some new plugs as old ones were fouling just moving the car out of the garage .... NGK BC PR from factory come 0.9 gap, need to get them to 0.7 with a gap tool. ngk 1269 bcpr6e https://www.ngk.com/ngk-1269-bcpr6e-v-power-spark-plug vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1YcHPwNAts can just bend on the outside
  5. Bump Duncan, how do you find your y51 Fuga ? What model did you get ? love VIP http://www.j-spec.com.au/f18073/2014-Nissan-Fuga-Hybrid_VIP_05.jpg http://www.j-spec.com.au/f18073/2014-Nissan-Fuga-Hybrid_VIP_15.jpg
  6. HI guys, Any help in removing wiper blades to suit Skyline V36 ? Just spent time mucking around trying to get them off but didn't want to break anything. Thanks found this for infiniti q50
  7. I have a crown majesta 186 and absolute love it. The next model after (S200 series) isn't that much more expensive and with a 8 speed gearbox is slightly more economical. My 186 crown ran an easy 14.2 on only two passes, so 13.8 to 14.0 would be expected. can get around 8L on highway and around 11L around town.
  8. Not yet, wife is looking at trading in her v36 sedan for a Y51 Fuga 6-12 mths. They look like great cars and not sure how many if any have been brought in yet........
  9. For sale - front sway bar to suit nissan skyline v36 and nissan 370z. Has been on the wife's stock skyline v36 sedan for past couple of years with minimal use and low km. Excellent condition. New $336 from whiteline https://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=BNF41Z&sq=28039 Asking $200 best contact [email protected]
  10. Anyone know someone with a R35 GTR ? For my wife's 40th on Dec 3rd I did have a passenger ride lined up for her in a 35 GTR but now its just fallen through. $$ offered and we can be flexible with dates..... We both drive skylines (she dailies a 36 sedan), I've had mine for 10+ years so genuine enthusiasts...thanks
  11. they were not happy with their BBK upgrade over the stock evo brakes !! so they sold them and went back to standard
  12. Hi, I have BC gold coilovers. Standard I think they are 6 and 8kg. I use it for track mainly but some street. My question is, if i turn them up to full hardness would that be equivalent to say 8 and 10kg on a soft setting ? Would a 6 and 8kg on hard be the same stiffness as a 8 and 10 on soft ? Shall i go harder for the track ? thx
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