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  1. I can't really say as i went from stock brakes with qfm pads to evo's 350mm front and rear with intima d - type track pads. It would the equivalent of dicking Margaret Thatcher to dicking Jennifer Hawkins.... Evo brakes are just soo good i got travel sick with them !!!
  2. thanks for that, i didn't even think about that. I think one side of the car is slightly higher with the coilovers
  3. Just a parts reference with the G-Rex oil cooler sandwich plate you need a oil filter from a 200sz. Ryco z442 K&N hp1003 drift D1-MF422
  4. I love skylines but if i had the cash i would prob choose a 997 gt3 over a r35R
  5. Will report on brakes very soon. The front right locks up before the left. Ive re-bleed brakes and even tried it on a left turn and the right still locks up and not the left ?
  6. I recently installed oil cooler and gauges in my car. I actually didn't think too much about the oil temp being too cold. My gauge starts at 50. I warm it up, then baby it, revving to 2500 until the gauge starts to move, but it never really gets more than 60 driving. Running it hard through the hills it might maybe go to 70 and on the racetrack will go to 70-80 max. I am running 15-60w penrite/nulon. Should i be concerned or do anything ? The cardboard idea was good... Greddy oil cooler located drivers side
  7. Oh yes i forgot about that. Johnny talked me into getting a proper lsd. I went with a Nismo GT Pro 2-way. Pricey but very good under load and under brakes
  8. also with quoted horsepower ratings is that at the flywheel or at the wheels ?
  9. With brand new model turbos are they a bit like brand new model cars ? The first model (year of manufacturing) they have a few issues, then get it sorted out by year 2 (best time to buy) ??
  10. Out of breathe ? what fuel pump, injectors and coils are u running ?
  11. Done a couple of track days with 2008 old semi's. Take 2 warm up laps, then i do 3 good laps. Still not pushing it too far and with only usually 10psi boost...
  12. not sure what you mean Johnny ?
  13. Bump for this thread. Ive had cheap wheel nuts for quite a few days but now they are not holding up to track days. What would ppl recommend for track days ? I want strength and reliable thanks