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  1. I am not sure about this debate. I used to love 1JZ motors. I have known a few to have gone bang and alot of RB25 unopened making 300-360rwkw still living after 20 yrs
  2. Just saw a 370z - UpRev Tuned with 5 encoded maps Tuned @ 221.6 RWKW + X-Force Cat Back Exhaust + Berk High Flow Cat + K&N Drop-ins. Manual. that would be approx 275kw-280kw at the flywheel. Not bad for a 245kw stocky
  3. Thats a huge MPH - i always thought low to mid 120s would be a high 10
  4. I am still an outsider but nearly made it in. Car made 295 on e85 safe tune and 280 on pump 18psi - could of done 20-22psi to gain entry to the 300 club hypergear ss2 turbo IC stock mani
  5. Looking around for new tyres - Nankang AR-1 looks to be popular. They only do a 295 or a 265 tyre for the rear. I pulled the hell out of my rear guard and tried on a 295 with my 10+38. It just fit inside by about 7-8mm with about 2 degrees of rear camber and i had about 12-15mm on the outside I dumped my car, now on big bumps and driveway the inside of the back rim scrapes on the inside. I was thinking of going a 10.5 wheel. They make a +35 offset in a 10.5 wheel. It will sit 3mm inside and 9mm outside. I am not too sure about this. Would need a 5mm spacer and that would take it to 14mm wider to not make it scrape. Either that or pull the ride height up....hmm. Maybe ill have to play around with the tyre calculator https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=295-30-18X10ET38&wheel2=295-30-18X10.5ET35&fcl=50mm&wcl=30mm&scl=50mm&sr=0mm going from 10+38 to a 10.5 +35 with the 295 tyre i tried on, the wheel is 3mm closer and will stick out 9mm further, the tyre. Tyre will stick out 3mm further which would be ok. To run a 5mm spacer on that 10.5 wheel https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=295-30-18X10ET38&wheel2=295-30-18X10.5ET30&fcl=50mm&wcl=30mm&scl=50mm&sr=0mm wheel will sit out 14mm further and tyre would stick out 8mm further...That would be good, the wheel would sit more flush with the guard. So i might need to look for a lightweight wheel that is 10.5 +30 to +35 offset ? any suggestions ? im looking at the new enkei rs05rr but i would need to run a 5mm spacer with that at a minimum With the fronts they do a 245/40 which is a balloon but they do a 255/35 which sat nice and low profile. I have a 9.5 +15 with 235 on the front with -3 camber and it does touch the guard but i haven't got stuck into pulling the guard out yet. I was wondering if i could fit a +22 to +25 wheel with a 255 tyre on the front ? There is about 25mm on the inside but i haven't turned the wheel yet. Wondering if i could fit a 255 and still be low ?
  6. 350mm rear brembos with my little girl
  7. Just did a compression test - all cylinders were 150-160 which i am well happy with... reference service. 14mm sump plug. 16mm spark plug. plug 4 is a bit tricky to get to, have to remove a 10mm bolt to get the right angle on it NGK 7121 BCPR6ES-11 plugs
  8. I can't really say as i went from stock brakes with qfm pads to evo's 350mm front and rear with intima d - type track pads. It would the equivalent of dicking Margaret Thatcher to dicking Jennifer Hawkins.... Evo brakes are just soo good i got travel sick with them !!!
  9. thanks for that, i didn't even think about that. I think one side of the car is slightly higher with the coilovers
  10. Just a parts reference with the G-Rex oil cooler sandwich plate you need a oil filter from a 200sz. Ryco z442 K&N hp1003 drift D1-MF422
  11. I love skylines but if i had the cash i would prob choose a 997 gt3 over a r35R
  12. Will report on brakes very soon. The front right locks up before the left. Ive re-bleed brakes and even tried it on a left turn and the right still locks up and not the left ?
  13. I recently installed oil cooler and gauges in my car. I actually didn't think too much about the oil temp being too cold. My gauge starts at 50. I warm it up, then baby it, revving to 2500 until the gauge starts to move, but it never really gets more than 60 driving. Running it hard through the hills it might maybe go to 70 and on the racetrack will go to 70-80 max. I am running 15-60w penrite/nulon. Should i be concerned or do anything ? The cardboard idea was good... Greddy oil cooler located drivers side