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  1. Hi there Wondering if there are any suggestions for front aero (rigid/structural) shops for R33 track use. Mainly looking for front aero for club sprints working towards WTAC In touch with top stage just wondering if any others recommended?
  2. Anyone have part set or rough track set cheap?
  3. Let me know if you are interested to part with the rims only?
  4. Im looking for r33 gtr wheels pm me if any for sale
  5. Hi, Im looking to complete a set of 3 gtr r33 rims. One damaged so looking to buy a single, pair, or full set of rims. Gutter rash ok so long as straight. Prefer pickup in melb but would pay to ship so long as straight. Thanks
  6. Thanks, I'm n Melbourne's south east, but anywhere on the East side suits OK. After someone who knows track (non drift) turbo characteristics, not looking for a peak power curve... appreciate any references, thanks Bruce
  7. my mistake in not oiling the cone filter? it would have been bone dry, so maybe too much dust/dirt passed through?
  8. Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback. the wear is even of each blade, sounds like its debris through the cone type apexi filter? setup if filter, thru Z32 AFM then stock intake pipe with the cam cover return blocked off (returning to catch can instead). while this would effect peak power efficiency, I just want realiability for track at the moment, do you guys think this is sustainable, or should I get the wheel replaced? indicative cost if I take the turbo body into a shop? thanks Bruce
  9. Hi, rb25det with hks turbo, car was garaged for a few years and a day at tracknoticed the blades evenly chipped and oil in intake side of turbo. Looking for advice to prevent and also tips to repair before disaster strikes. Cam covers piped to catchcan, so only return to intake is via bov. Thinking could be oil return lines blocked and being pumped through bearing seal into intake, then hitting amd damaging blades. If i clear oil return lines, should i also rebuild turbo? How do i post a pic? Thanks in advance Bruce
  10. the seats are 560mm at the tips of the seat bottom and wing tips. the seat back is 800mm from the seat cushion.
  11. these seats have gotta go, I'll accept a fair offer in person (dont bother making me offers until you have seen them), but see them, and get them for a steal!
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