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  1. *bump* I am now selling the car with stock rims instead for $14500 Call me on 0403772296 if you're interested
  2. bump willing to listen to any offers...
  3. 2000 Nissan Skyline 25GT-T R34 Bayside Blue Manual ~170,000 K's - 18" Volks Racing TE37 rims (18x8.5 front and 18x9.5 rear) - Top Secret style front bar - Trust Power Extreme II cat-back exhaust - CES Racing twin dump/front pipe - Whiteline suspension kit (lowered springs, shock absorbers, stabiliser bars, front adjustable caster kit, camber kit, rear subframe alignment kit, bump stop kit) - Apexi Power Intake pod filter - Apexi turbo timer - Alpine CDA-9815 stereo - Jaycar Precision Response amplifier and subwoofer - Immobiliser and alarm I imported this car in 2005 and have been the only owner in Australia. The car was stock standard when imported. The car has been well maintained, no accidents and never been thrashed or raced on a track. Mechanically in great condition, runs smoothly and have not had any problems with the car since i've owned it. Serviced regularly, every 5000 to 10,000 kms. Selling for $17,000 Located in Sydney For genuine enquiries pm me for contact details
  4. Hey mate, check your pm Cheers!
  5. I'm looking for power window motors (driver side & passenger side) to fit an r34 gtt skyline. I'm located in Sydney and would prefer pick-up as i need it asap Cheers
  6. hey mate, im looking for a set of power window motors (left & right). Do you have any and do you know if it will fit an R34 GTT? Cheers
  7. I'm looking for a driver side mirror for an r34 gtt. I only need the mirror itself if possible Located in Sydney Cheers
  8. Well, the following parts were missing from my order: KCA348 Front Camber kit $183.00 KCA347 Rear Camber Kit $123.00 KCA349 Rear Subframe alignment kit $105.00 Not sure if the supply issues from Germany would affect me.. Plus i was given part KCA332 instead of KCA331 thats listed in the first post - can anyone confirm whether im supposed to get part KCA331? I ordered to full kit and paid in May, didnt get my parts until July only to find out im missing a few parts. It is now September and i have not received any form of communication from Matt or Gary...its getting ridiculous. Its funny how before i paid i had no problems getting replies from Matt/Gary, but as soon as i pay then all replies ceased... If anyone has any contact numbers or emails for Matt/Gary, could you please PM me
  9. Looking for basketballers to join our team for the Bankstown (Sydney) competition on Wednesday nights. We'll most likely be playing in Div. 5 and we're looking for a couple of tall players - preferable someone around 190cm and with decent enough skills! PM me if you're interested! the comp. starts in a couple of weeks
  10. I'm in pretty much the same situation as you and i put in my order in May. I finally received my order at the start of July, but it was missing a few parts. I PM'd a got a quick response, but i havent heard a word since despite sending a couple of PMs. SydneyKid, if you are reading this, please let us know whats going on with our orders...its getting rediculous.
  11. Sydneykid, can you please have a look at my PM...there seems to be a problem with my order.
  12. My suspension kit has finally arrived! w00t Can anyone in Sydney recommend a workshop to get the full suspension kit fitted? and how much? Cheers
  13. Hey Matt/Gary,

    Just wandering what the latest is on my order? tried to PM you, but its full!


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