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  1. check your fuses, make sure any LED's are in the right way.
  2. Got mine from ebay.. There's heaps out there
  3. There are cheaper kits out there: http://otomoto.mobile034.com/p/8219182/kkr-hicas-elimination-kit-for-nissan-hicas-systems.html
  4. The best way to lock HICAS is to get rid of it altogether! http://www.shop.cartel-aus.com/Total-HICAS-eliminator-kit-for-Nissan-dw015.htm
  5. Really? They were posting on facebook on the 16th of December about customer cars etc. Damn, I wanted them to do the VCT mod to my ECU. I might just buy the programmer and do it myself.
  6. So do the oil, filters and check the brakes and other stuff yourself. Then go somewhere (a tuner) with a dyno and check the base timing, boost levels etc. Would be much cheaper if you have the time. I'm from interstate and haven't needed a tuner yet. I was told to go to EFI Performance http://www.efiperformance.com.au. Other then EFI, Yatala Headworx http://www.mechanicalrepairsbeenleigh.communityguide.com.au/ is near my work. So I'd consider them also.
  7. I posted it because it's local. This mob https://www.facebook.com/garage13performance have a few 2nd hand GTR pumps for like $50 and 3 months warranty if you really want a used pump. You'll probably be replacing it again in 12 month though!
  8. Anything 2nd hand will be 17 years or older. Fuel pumps are basically consumable dude. The best thing to do is directly wire a new pump off the battery with a relay. There are heaps of tutorials on how to do this. Pretty much just need solder and heat-shrink.
  9. wouldn't you just drop in something like this? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-Walbro-E85-tank-460-LPH-high-flow-fuel-pump-F90000267-/161292591377?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item258dc9a111 Mine's whisper quiet.
  10. I suggest getting the United Petroleum app https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/united-petroleum/id559751029?mt=8 It allows you to check locations and prices. I use it all the time, rotating a few jerry cans will allow you to ride out any weeks when the price are high Not sure if they have a android equivalent
  11. is it different to the RB25DET? Does it have A/C?
  12. You say you want it, but you really don't. they crack and discolour so bloody fast
  13. No way around the massive cost if you're doing it properly: http://www.ppgearbox.com.au/page.asp?categoryid=12
  14. Do you have: carbon canister Rear seat? I'm after the back rest if the trim matches and isn't faded (well as faded as mine currently is)
  15. I have an external switch http://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/sum-830452-1/overview/ With VCT on it's really lean and actually worse. so I set it out of range (9800 to 9900) for now.
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