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  1. sorry guys encase you are wondering where i went; the wifey was gettin labor pains and we thought it best if we don't leave town.
  2. first catch up point is seaford shopping centre
  3. yes meet at 11, leave at 12 dozen or so ppl here already
  4. Thanks fellas, just took a grand off for now to see if i get any interest.
  5. Mine is so far untouched but that will change as soon as i can sell my 32GTS-T. ( PSST. My 32GTS-T is for sale. Anyone interested? It's a 4 door so its pretymuch a stag right )
  6. saw a white stag at the Queen elizebeth hospital carpark 11:55 and just then 12:40 a black 32GTR on Hawker st behind me
  7. I'm up for it might have a newborn by then hopefully
  8. Hey my 32 is midnight blue!! by the way its spelt Poida that's where i got my nickname from.
  9. yeah saw some footage. looked like they were playing skittles with bins. big mess left in the morning.
  10. Found this interesting snippet 3D films back in cinemas From The Sunday Times February 15, 2009
  11. id like to say good job on all this and i encourage Neil to join. It sure would be handy to know beforehand how a mod is illegal and specifically why it is illegal. It would save time and money not having to do things twice because it wasn't done properly the first time. A few years ago i went into regency to ask what i can do to legally modify a car (Mazda at the time) and was told i couldn't do anything it was all illegal. Leaving me thinking that it didn't really matter so i bought the mod because the original part needed replacing anyway not knowing whether it was legal or not. so i thank you for starting this up so people can know what side of the law they are on.
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