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  1. Anyone need the undercarriage splash guard? It's just taking up space, will let it go cheap
  2. Jack sold, rest still available. Offers?
  3. Valve body SOLD Also have factory OEM Nissan jack - $50 And V35 undercarriage engine splash guard, good condition, no broken bits - $60
  4. PRICE DROP Coolant - $30 Valve body - $80
  5. OBD Scanner SOLD V35 Boot Struts - $50/pair
  6. Also have OBDII Scanner, works with the V35, although I never got the chance to use it - $15 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Auto-Car-Code-Reader-V1-4-CAN-BUS-OBDII-OBD2-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Scanner-/230708145749?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item35b746ee55
  7. grille and grounding kit gone, still have coolant
  8. Also have this... OEM V35 AT Valve Body $100
  9. Yup, still have the grounding kit. Fairly simple really, you connect one end to the negative terminal of the battery and then you have various lengths of cable to ground to the chassis and other parts. Here's a quick guide I found http://www.z-xtreme.com/installation.html It doesn't need to be those exact locations, just a suitable grounding point where the cables can reach.
  10. text sent. Grill gone, others still remaining
  11. Some bits for sale Nissan Long Life Engine Coolant Ethylene Glycol L248 - $40 - just above 3.5L left in a 5L bottle Arospeed Grounding Wire Kit - $50 http://www.jeroentje.nl/index.php?page=product_view&product_id=6000061&car_id=13 Bought for my V35 but never got around to installing it. Still brand new in packaging. Grounding kits seem to make a lot of difference for the Autos, worth installing if you don't already have one. OEM V35 Coupe Front Grill in decent condition, has some stone chips but nothing broken/cracked, was going to paint black and but have now sold car - $90 I'm located in Perth, can post if required
  12. Price drop to $27k! Will be parted out in Feb, so get in quick if interested!