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  1. Correct cant see the justification of spending close to 140k for a 2014+ 35 that i can probably get for 100 or 110 for a 2011. but then doing all the research and couple of test drive, a) not finding a good condition and b) getting 2nd thought on whether its a risk getting a 2011 ish model and save that extra 30 -40 k ... yes read about all the gearbox dramas. from the driving experience, handling wise i felt more confident on an Evo handling than a R35 handling, the Evo felt very grippy on the road where as the R35 didnt compare.. not sure if thats cause of tyre or suspension maybe.. . but anyway.. yeah so i am stuck on whether to get a 2011 even
  2. Hey Guys, very new here. was always a Silvia fan boy and had those s13 to all the way to multiple S15s to Evos and houses, houses and now back in looking for a R35s as they are a bit affordable. looking in Carsales, i am not finding many good coindition R35's in Melbourne for the price i am willing to pay. Some of the other question, is it worth buying a 35... looking for one for a while now and driven multiple so far.. but looks like my budget will get me a 2011 model at best case which i am not sure is even worth? Alternate option is thinking Audi RS3s which doesnt compare i know.. i know someone of you keyboard warrior will probably flog me before a proper answer,, so yeah.. just looking for some of your honest answers if you own a 35. What are they like, known issues and so on.. Regards, J
  3. Hi Guys Work Meister Still for sell. Many time wasters lately. Below are the specs. Front - 17/8 + 35 Tyre - Falcon Azenies 225/45/17 Spacer - 2, 5 mil spacer included for front. Rear - 18/9 + 20 Tyre - 245/45/ 18 Fills up S15 rear guard quite well. Doesnt required any camber. Tyre condition - All 4 tyres have more then 50% thread left Link - http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...mp;fromsearch=1
  4. Any reasonable offers will be considered. can help with interstate shipping also for $100 bucks..
  5. Hi Guys Sold the S15.. have the Rims to clear Work Meister - s1 Pcd - 114.5 ( suitable to most Nissans ) Front - 17/8 +35 - Falcon Azenis 215/45/17 - More then 50% thread left - 67mm dish Rear - 18/9 +20 - Bridgstone Potenza re05 - 255/45/18 - More then 50% left - 65mm dish Condition - Some gutter Rash but nothing too major, Price - $2200 Location - Chadstone vic . Looking for a quick sell, hence the price Contact Joel 0425173595 Pics
  6. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a house and need to come up with settelment money very soon. So decided to put up my car for that reason. My loss is your gain. The car used to be a Ex- HKS Kansai Workshop Test part car, Privately imported. Has the below performance parts. Exterior: 99 November Pearl White JDM S15. 56xxx kms Aftermarket Full kit ( front / sides/ Rear ) -- Please note front bar has a slight crack from car being too low. Kensai Carbon bonnet with Bonnet Pin GP Sports GT wing SSR Professor WORK MEISTER s1 17/8+28 front & 18/9.5+20 rear HKS 3 inch all the way with Kakimoto exhaust tip. Origin lab Fpr canards -- can be included for extra $300 Original Jap Hid & Hid Parkers Interior: Greedy Profec B Boost controller. Defi BL Link meter incl controller (Boost, Water T meter) HKS T- Turbo timer KOPEL Security alarm NARDI Toring Steering with HKB BOSS kit Alpine Competition splits front & rear Panasonic head unit. Audioline 4 channel 800 watt amp to power front and rear split. Clutch: NISMO Coppermax single Plate + Lightened flywheel Suspension: Suspension kit, Cusco zero 2R (height camber & damper adjustable) with 32 settings. Nismo N1 Upper Arm EG ROM: APEX Power FC HKS PWR 550 cc injector Tomei STEP1 type B 25507-AN250 256in/ ex 11.5 lift HKS Fuelpump = 1407-RN023 HKS GTRS - 52t , 64 a/r Stainless steel manifold 7 layer manifold gasket Tomei RAS Brian crower valve springs HKS (13001-AN007 HKS R) triple Layer front mount inter cooler Hks 2 Core radiator Hks thermo Fan Z32 air flow Hks intake air cleaner with Hot pipe. Tune: New turbo & cam managed to pull 237rwkw from Chasers running 18pnds boost. Turbo has the potential to make close to 250rwkw but at the moment the intake temp is going high so was suggested to put a gizmo intake manifold gasket & big t/b to put 2 more kw allowing the car to make roughly 245+ HIstory I bought the car in 2008, 45000 kms on the clock. never had any accident history. Only had 2 services since my ownership in Aus, 5000kms with martini oil. Car just had the 55000 kms service done so if u buy it now then u dont need service until the next 5000 so untill 60000kms. Paints and everything in this car is in prestine condition. It still goes like new. any engine compression test & body checks welcome.. Reason for sale: Just Purchased a house & need settelment money sooner. Swap : not looking for any swap at this stage. Pricing & condition : $25k with all the above mentioned parts or $22k for the whole car you supply wheel & i keep my wheels. Although i am in a rush to sell but as you can appreciate this price is already low enough considering all the mods. so please dont low ball me. Contact : I dont come here as often as i used to so if u r genuinely interested call me on 0425173595. Cheerz Joel 0425173595 P.S - I am looking for quick sell, Will need the money in the next couple 2-3 weeks. There is no hidden surprises, Its a real burgain for a car like this. Pics are below.
  7. Hey Guys Chasing a Rear r33 GTST complete Rear Brake assembly, So discs, Calipers, pads , hubs & the whole rear hand brake assembly. Condition = Not looking to spend much but Obviously the Rotor calipers has to be have decent meat left in it. Dont mind Pads as i will get my own pad anyway. Price - Not looking to spend much but if the Price is right i will honestly buy it. Contact - 0425173595 Location - Must be in Melb unless the buyer is happy to post but i figure it will be quite heavy to post... thanks Joel
  8. Hi guys, Just got my Hands around to a S15 ball bearing Modified / hi flowd Turbo from a drift car from TRANSCAR Enterprise.. Specs: HKS GTSS used on a T28 housing. 320hp turbo Garrett heavy duty non adjustable actuator from a 2871r. Initially came with a HKS adjustable heavy duty actuator but has aparted duo to personal use.. No shaft play all. the car had HKS step1 with all bolt on making 210rwkw from Chasers dyno. Full boost hitting @ 3200 rpm. Price: $850 ono Sr20 s15 Factory manifold currently with the turbo = $70 3 inch Tomei dump pipe s/s = $150 currently with the turbo. Need the whole unit gone. This was used in 3 DRIFTCAT run after hiflowing. Turbo has only 700 kms roughly, housing has 45k kms. NO SHAFT PLAY AT ALL. I myself have a HKS GTSS in my car with HKS Step 2 cams & from Status tuning it made 217rwkw on 18 pnd boost full boost hitting at about 3200-3300 rpm ( due to heigher lift cam shaft). Location : S.e Suburbs . Contact : 0425173595 - joel
  9. hey guys, Just took out my hks step 1 cams and considering to put either tomei pon cams or greddy easy cams + any brand cam gears (exhaust side). looking for used item as i am not willing to pay too much for them. would preffer vic but willing to pay for postage if need be . Sponsers welcome as well. cheers joel 0425173595
  10. price drop to $275 .. some1 must need it for this price ?
  11. Work just upgraded to a macbook G5 so the old setup is for sale. Hp compaq nx6320 Centrino 1.8gb 1gb ram 80gb Hdd 15 inch monitor..**( ) 4 Usb, 4 Sd card reader, Dvd writer Thumb printer 128 Vga onboard NIC & modem, External Vga port, S-video Carry bag Ac Adapter. Xp pro. Price: $490 Location: S.E suburbs melb Postage: can post on buyers expense but usually cost only 20 bucks. Very good condition. If u look up in Ebay they are going well over $500 for a used unit. Contact 0425173595
  12. hi guys, got a set of 16 inch nissan r34 gt wheels wrapped with federal tyres. specs are as follow. Tyre: Federal Super Steel tyres. 205/55/16 Wheel: 16*7 + 40. centrecap & lock nuts included came with my old s15. fits guards perfect. and tyres have plenty of threat left. comes with bolts & no gutter marks atall absolutely. Location: Oakleigh East, vic. (s.e.suburbs) Price: $300 aud ono Picture link = http://firesport.com.au/r34-gt-wheels-with...s--ad129148.htm Basically i have an S15 and i have just upgraded my turbo to a HKS2530 turbo 2 weeks ago and need this money for the tuning. 300 is pretty cheap for a set of 4 genuine nissan wheels with federal tyres. someone must need them?? contact joel 0425173595
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