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  1. Oh and a white r33 gtst 5 min later near the airport.
  2. Spotted gunmetal grey r32 gtr on anzac parade this morning...
  3. It's broken free! (of the reserve) Play for keeps! Shannon
  4. Adjustable coilovers too! less than a day left! It will sell, reserve is just a bee's dick away. Shannon
  5. Only 5 days left, very close to reserve.
  6. On ebay now, low reserve http://cgi.ebay.com.au/1990-Nissan-Skyline...1QQcmdZViewItem Shannon
  7. Just to clarify on the engine damage as recommended by grigor, The hole is actually in the sump and a piece of aluminum (about 5x5 cm) came off of it. When I first went to check out the car i turned the key (screwdriver) over and the engine turned over, but I didn't want it to start since there was a hole in it so it was only very briefly. I am not a mechanic and can't clarify if there has been catastrophic engine failure or just a hole in the sump from it hitting a gutter or something, but it sounds like someone could get a good deal out of this. Anyway I’ll be putting the ad up on eBay tonight; I’ve had a few offers already so we'll see how it goes. Shannon
  8. A very low 52000km. I reckon, they only went about 20km too. I haven’t thought about swaps, but yeah I suppose I am a bit interested.
  9. G'day, This is my first post here and it is a sad one for me too... (from my soon to be ebay ad): For sale is my 1990 Gunmetal grey R32 GTR Nissan Skyline. This car has been prepared to be the complete package with looks, performance and handling. The car has a long list of modifications to both the engine and suspension including: Nismo N1 Turbos, Trust Intercooler, Nismo N1 High Fuel Pump, 600cc Injectors, Blitz airpods, Aftermarket High flow Exhaust, Greddy Electronic Boost Controller, Trust Front Piping and a Mines tuned Computer, this highly modified GTR went like a rocket making 300kw(400hp) at the wheels. I bought this car early this year, it was my dream car and I loved every minute of driving it. Unfortunately after only 18 days of having the car it was stolen from me! Luckily it was recovered not too far away but it had a hole in the side of the engine block. I have had a bit of a saga with the insurance company and they decided not to cover the car because it didn't have an 'Australian Standard immobiliser'. Much to my disappointment I have decided that it is best that I sell the car and move on. The damage to the car is; the engine block, the ignition barrel, a slightly gutter rashed rear RHS wheel and a very small shoe print dint in the door (from where the dickhead/s kicked it after killing the block). Other than that the car is perfect, the turbos, the head, gearbox and everything else about the car is in working order. I just don't have the time or place to replace the block and have decided to move one. I have all the claim references and police report details for you to check, i am not trying to rip anyone off so please call me or email me with any questions, ill be happy to give you the claim number with the insurance company to verify this. I also have the engineer's certificate for the car and the car is currently registered in the ACT (until July) and the plates can go with the car. I can also email more photos of the car. Currently the car is very dusty just from sitting where it is. If needed I'm sure I could try and arrange a viewing of the car, it is at Pickles Auctions in Canberra and this is where I will leave it until it is picked up. Price is negotiable, reasonable offers (around 9K ish). Gutter rash: Ignition: Footprint: Engine Bay: Interior: My names Shannon, mobile 0438 024 384, or pm me.
  10. I'd like some wheels with legal rubber for a gtr, preferably stock or 17's or 18's. How much would i be looking at?
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