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  1. http://ezyalien.mybrute.com
  2. 99 years old mate

    geez ur plastic surgeon must be good to get u looking like that

  3. its designed to make exercising fun, not to be a fun a game. myself and the wife love it. its easy to jump on it for an hour or 30min when u have some spare time instead of heading to the gym etc. also good for tracking your wieght also some of the balance exercises are really funny if you try them when drunk
  4. was a good flick, hope they make a 2nd. they stuck to some of the historical story and added some license. Also like how they linked some of the stuff in. ie bumble bee parking next to a yellow VW, plus he had a bumble bee air freshener. effacts were awesome (but thats what you expect from lucas arts)
  5. kidz, there fiance's not mine. don't talk about engagment parties ours isn't untill august this year, decided to have it at home and i'm only 50% through finishing the back yard eek. was a huge sand pit. patio is up retic is laid, just waiting on pavers to be delivered then can do the grass. we decided to refinance the house so we could do the yard and pay for the wedding ourselves. was probably the best thing to do, as we've had full say in everything and not had to worry about people saying well we're paying for it so you do what we like not what you like etc. plus both sets of parents couldn't afford it. We budgetted 24k including the honeymoon. but we blew the budget on the honeymoon by 3k oopsy but what the hell its suppose to be fun.
  6. with the kids its easier to go for lunch or like monday or tuesday dinner when its quieter. yeah ended up needing a new photographer in the end all the rest of the vendors pulled strings or were already free so just swapped. hard part was finding another photographer with the same deal. album, negatives, proof book, pre wedding shoot for a signable poster at the reception, dvd slide show to music and 5 large prints. we pay for any other prints at normal price etc, he shoots me getting ready, hel getting ready, the ceremony 2 hours for pictures, then he stays for the whole reception. got all that for 2k. new guy we are still working out the specifics with but atleast hes booked and want be to much more $$
  7. skyzerr33


    lagrock i mean blackrock numreous characters slacked off actually been playing since release and have lost the enthusism for it still get on once a week.
  8. yeah me and the fiance are in ellenbrook, if u haven't tried oscars u gotta do it, especially the pork mingonettes and the mudcake with icecream dessert. yeah we booked at a golf course, then they decided a golf tournament was more $$ to them and cancelled us and the couple who had them booked for the sat, we were on the sunday. luckily they could fit us in the week before on the saturday, so instead of getting married on our anniversary date its the week before, quite sucky. had a mad scrable re organising photographers and videographers and other vendors, some were free some are already booked so we had to find new ones. bit of stress and one very appologetic meeting with the venue and we are sorted. only 163 days to go eeek
  9. make that 3 weddings joe i get hitched Dec 1 this year. u would love some of the ladies goin. boosty, yeah but i can still moderate ur arse in some section somewhere the little green button says so. niz thanks and quite stalking me at woodlake shops
  10. 11tybillion my arse i've lurked all the time, made afew posts in games etc. plus the sights been unblocked at work for some reason, see how long that lasts lol
  11. depends how u drive it, my 9 puck was still goin strong after 70,000km's when it was flogged. As rev210 said chuck a light weight flywheel on at the same time, help preserve your driveline abit and add afew more horses.
  12. man Joe u rock dude, top choice, hope ur enjoying it. i just want to know how a vet becomes a plastic surgeon? stay out of the bullets way dude.
  13. kym wasn't sdu i want count me as all i do is come and read stuff at odd hours of the morning belated happy bday niz, from the other thread sounds like u had a good weekend
  14. Gratz Paulie and Lauren great news btw saw u in woodlake shops the other week Lauren, stop stalking me ur engaged now. j/k. always thought something good would happen to paulie on this forum, and it couldn't be being a post whore. if you pick a golf course for the reception make sure they don't decide to hold a tornament there on your wedding day after u've booked as you'll get cancelled. lots of useful info here http://weddingswa.com.au and http://weddingannouncer.com
  15. Practically live at Oscars in Ellenbrook. The Cabernet at the Vines resort is also very good. C (use to be highlite 33 is quite nice also)
  16. GODTHRILA i saw mighty boy at the Banara Rd and Tonkin Hwy intersection yesterday that looked exactly the same as the one in your sig except it had silver mags and a silver clothes line wing on the boot lid. i pissed myself laughing and the kids just looked at me funny.
  17. that was the red devil before some toerag pinched it good to see u finally got ur R32 gtr Chris
  18. 30-55 quests should get u most of ur xp with minimal grinding. 55-60 will require some grinding 60-70 is pitifully easy to do with quests you only have to grind to get your faction levels up.
  19. asus g2 gets u the 17" and slightly better graphics or any of these alienware items area-51 m5550 area-51 m5750 aurora m9700
  20. chromies going down friday cleared the other drakes 1st go, and got chromie to 41% 1st go with only 35 ppl just before server reset tuesday we got lucky and found some good recruits. Soga's on the march again booyaa Elementium poached 1 one of our rogues and one of our priests. that lucky rogue now has a cts to go with his viskag gotta hatch patch 1.10.1 though bladefurry and seal fate got busted
  21. the sooner blackrock gets migrated to the new (hopefully faster and more stable hardware the better) only problem is they started with the east coast servers. blackrock is westcoast amazing what happens when we finally get enough ppl online. razor to firemaw done all first attempt. not bad seeing we had 10 ppl with no epics and it was our first shot at firemaw. still we are behind where we should be.
  22. guild is dieing no one wants to show up for BWL runs as we don;t have it on farm yet we can kill ony with 25 ppl and get rag to 10% b4 sons just picked up to many lazy ppl who just want epics and not work for it so frustrating
  23. u redraw money you have already paid off your home. say u've paid 100k already. it then drops to 70k if u redraw 30k. just means your paying ur loan off longer so the bank gets more interest payments out of you. of course your loan needs to have the redraw option available to it, as not all do. another way is the revalue your house and draw against that if its more than original valuation when you got your home loan.
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