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  1. i hv a set of te37 19" bronze with yokohama tyre on. pm if interested to swap
  2. Sorry, i need time to confirm before posting the specs, in case wrong info is given. 19x 8.5" +35 (yes, i also hope it was x10" and +15) Thread left, i did say 5000km of travel (i dont even think i drove that much on this set of tyres) Hope this helps~
  3. Item: Rays Te37 Size: 19" Tyre: Yokohama Advan 235/35 F 275/30 R Location: Clayton South, Victoria. Condition: As new, less than 5000kms travelled. BUT 1 rim scratched a little (i forgot, 6cm?). Other than that, perfect.. Reason for sell: Left country, car was sold, rims were left, and getting an engagement ring for exchange... Picture: Carsales Ad Id: 7453565. I believe anyone would know how this rim looks like. Price: Looking for $4988
  4. love the look, but it would be perfect if it was a manual~
  5. go ebay for the hks hi power.. The product listed on hks website did wrote something about that model cant b fitted onto jap v35, but i did saw 1 v35 in aus with hks hi power on it. i guess same for the tein..
  6. Ad id 7453565 for pics, please click into carsales.com.au~ $32k without the rims~~ quick~~
  7. *hijack* also one for sell in melb 04 manual, with much more goodies and just paying a little more ^^"
  8. sorry i posted here, but this item althou universal, but it's off a v35, so i think you guys might be more interested?
  9. Hey, i bought a HKS oil cooler recently, but leaving melb, so it's up for sell. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Hk...06#entry4744206 Only 1 person is interested now, so if you are thinking to go track, getting FI or just wan it for fun, act quick~
  10. pm sent. Car is also listed in carsales.com.au today, might b up there tomorrow.. leaving melb on wednesday~
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