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  1. Cheers mate. Afm is something I can sus out. I’ll put a fuel pressure gauge on it tomorrow to
  2. So Ive got a S2 R33 standard engine. Normal entry level mods. Ie. vg30 turbo, elec boost controller, Alexi power fc, fuel pressure reg and a front mount. My poor skyline has been sitting in the back yard for a few years while life got in the way and me finishing of a new engine for her. I’ve been starting her every few months just to keep oil moving. Anyway I have now registered her and started driving her while I rebuilt a engine for my hilux. When I first started her she ran fine took her down the servo put some fresh fuel I. Her and thought all was well. After a few days she started miss firing while coming on to boost. Now she is hard to start. Won’t rev past 3000rpm ( roughly ) when boost comes in. I assumed stale fuel had blocked up the fuel filter. So I changed that and put some new plugs in her. No change. Has anyone got any ideas?
  3. Cheers fellas, I've sent a email to jim berry, and I'll look into the others. Cheers
  4. Hey there, ive been building a rb25 for a little while and its nearing the time for me to put in the car.. Of course i will need a clutch, i just dont know what one to perchase. The engine will be tuned to about 400rwkw, and driven mainly on the street. With some track/ drag days. Ive sent a few emails out to some companies to see what they can supply but would really like some advise from people with simular power and what they found. Cheers
  5. Hey, ive just put a nismo dash in my 33, everything was working well, after having it in my car for a few days the tacho started to play up intermittentely. It stays at 11 grand and occasionally reads correct. Does anyone have any experience with these dashes? know if this is a common problem or a easy fix? Or know anyware that may be able to fix it? cheers sam
  6. hey you bleed the cooling system of air... it could be just bleeding the air from the system and using the coolant from the overflow like it should. cheers sam
  7. ok well, prehaps some history on my car first off will help, i brought it 8 months ago, was a awesome car, drove nice, engine made good power and ran smothly. after a few months the head gasket blew. so i repaired the head with a permaseal mls-r gasket and arp head studs as i plan on pushing a couple of atmospheres in it. I finished the job and after a few minor tuning issues car was going good again. then about a month ago it developed a boost leak, after a little bit of hunting i found two largeish leaks and repaired them, but the car was never the same, and now the car is hard to start (mainly due to the power fc and the engine not getting over 500 rpm on start up i think) idles low has little power and still feels like there is a large boost leak as well. Also the vacume seams low, ie it used to idle at say 15 now if i can get is started it idles at 5, now i have double checked the intake system from the turbo to the head, including removing the intake manifold and replacing the middle gasket. ive checked the tune on the power fc and everthing looks normal, the tutbo is still making boost as all three boost gauges i have installed, (autometer, standard dash and boost controler) are all showing positive pressure when there should be some. so basically i need help, any ideas, simular problems and solurions would be incredibly helpfull.. cheers sam
  8. hey my friend has a r33, the TPS has some wires connected to it, but the wires are not connected to the actual connector, as you can take it off and throw it around. I’m not really what you would call a Nissan lover, i like the old school Toyota more than anything, but this perplexed me. I was just wondering if this was a performance mod, a common manufacture mistake of just plain normal. any info would be helpful. cheers sam.
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