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  1. With the AR1 I run them at front 32 & rear 30 (255-40-17) but my 180sx is a lot lighter and less power, the suzuki swift we run around 28-30 (225-45-17). May need to go up in size if sticking with them. I used the hankook z222 in the past and found them a good compromise for street & track. How big a tyre can you go? With the oil issue have you looked at putting a breather/fitting in the oil cap or off the side of the passenger side cam cover?
  2. Confirm its running lean with a Wideband first If lean check the following: -Vac hose is on fuel reg -It has around 43.5-45psi of fuel pressure at idle (Plumb in a guage between the filter & fuel rail) -check fuel pump filter -Depending on what fuel pump it has it may need the relay mod & correct wire size -Plug into consult port and check AFM voltages (google search for pc software) -Take it to a mechanic that knows what they are doing (Does not need to be "Import guy"... its basic stuff to fault find) All simple stuff
  3. Work meister S2R is what they will most likely be
  4. There's a 2018 M2 competition up here that was just traded....... Sure they would give top dollar for the skyline
  5. Got the first layer of paint on the calipers, will let them dry for a day then apply new stickers and clear coat. New coffee machine showed up too today. Got sick of plunger and espresso pot. Goes alright with week old grind will get a few different beans as got a few local roasters
  6. It's looking like it is, Nissan did a 370 demo car with one for sema https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motortrend.com/news/nissan-370z-project-clubsport-23-packs-twin-turbo-v-6-sema/amp/ If going to buy something get a demo or slightly used that was one of the things when I bought this as was a demo but was priced well and got it heaps cheap. Sshhh you, I've already got 3 turbo'd Nissans and they provide enough headaches.
  7. If it's just a generic exhaust Bob Parkes at aitkenvale or if a custom stainless purge welded see Ben @ Ground up motorsport
  8. yeah a lot of work. Not really wanting another turbo car ATM. If needing 4 seats and don't mind the service costs the Euro stuff is the way to go.
  9. This is the amount of effort needed to turbo one of these properly. A big improvement in power.
  10. Bang for buck the nitrous is a great idea, plenty of bolt on kits. If you go a bigger shot you can do a wiring mod to AFM/IAT sensor and use part of the IAT correction map for more fueling/timing control
  11. Yeah went full baller and got the nismo as its got a few nicer bits on it and by the time I bought a 2016-2018 sport & added a few bits it was around the same money. Got the 7 speed auto as over daily driving manual. Nissan says 245kw but with in my experience headers, exhaust & tune gets around 220-230ish at the wheels. Driven a few 350/370 with stillen superchargers & twin 2860s (350-440kw) and they are amazing, lots of down low torque & still nice for daily driving. For what I am doing with it (Daily/weekend club track day like my old S14), its great the way it is. Once its out of warranty (2024) may look at more power but I've still got the all the cheap S chassis stuff to work on and do silly things with😁
  12. Nice work on the loom, how much more effort is it doing it in raychem shrink?
  13. this will be great, always wanted to do lemons. Friends that have done it highly rate it. The list looks pretty good, could you sneak in a cheap brake upgrade? I remember seeing a N15 with skyline calipers along time ago
  14. So............. Got bored of working on the sil80 and had the need to just go drive a car with a few modern features. Set a budget, made lists of minimum requirements, lots of car review videos and scoured the internets for a deal. Jumped on a plane and did a road trip Plan is just to drive it while I tinker with the projects and the warranty runs out. Remembered I bought a key chain while at the Nismo Factory last year Got to now get stuck into the sil80 as need to move it out the house garage. Got a heap of parts sitting here from GKTech & Whiteline so plan this week is to weld in some plates & paint suspension arms and Brembo's. Next week install the bushes and brakes to get back on the ground.
  15. Welcome, Good to see another local on hear. I ended up staying after I finished "work" Pretty chilled place , car scene is nothing to what it use to be . There use to be a big group up here but everyone has either gotten married up or got out of cars. I don't do bunnings car meets with the kids, If your car is clean & all done properly will never have a problem. If your ever needing recommendations for where to go for parts or work done let me know as been up here on & off for 12 years and know where to go.
  16. good to hear your getting back out on track. Damn if track day was 2 days earlier I would stop in with the new car for a few laps.
  17. Got to be happy with that result. How do you find it on the street, still drives nice off boost?
  18. get hold of a scan tool or obd reader and actually check what the sensors are doing if voltage is stable or random. Bet it will be a failed O2 sensor and a leak near the cat giving odd readings. An old thread for connecting to M35s https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/280322-m35-obd2-or-is-it/page/3/
  19. If its the 350z brembo calipers they are the same as the R32/33/34 GTR ones just the rear mounting tabs and bolts are different. A BM50/57 will be what you want, the 350z BMC outlets are different but same bore from a quick google search.
  20. What enigne loom has been used ? r34 rd25det or has the loom been repinned? A multi meter is use to trace wiring set to ohms Is it an G4 or G4+ ecu? wiring an boost solenoid or widebad is simple pending what sensor you have
  21. No exact way, each boost tee/car is diffrent. Need to drive the car and I generally use 4th gear up the highway. start at 2 clicks and go from there. Back when I started playing with turbo cars (2003/4ish) there were no tutorials and we didn't have the internet where i lived. Good old fashioned she be right and lots of broken stuff later...... Upping the boost on a stock car isn't really going to gain anything decent the scheme of things.
  22. The easiest way is to remove the pressure reference source off the wastegate. Free power mod ........... Ben is spot on and since I am bored here is a link to install one
  23. taarks/efi solutions or Kudos. Nissan can even sometimes be cheaper & quicker than online stores
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