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  1. Mine has a seat belt in the middle and anchor point in the middle i was hopping it didnt have side air bags but cant go look my self
  2. Hi im trying to figure out if i can install extra child restraint anchor points in a two door 34 gtt. As i need two im not sure if the airbag location allows that. Also the car is located interstate.
  3. Yer it was getting a bit crap when i was last there.
  4. Do you know if anyone still cruises to the spit on sunday
  5. Events over december Hi all long story short im taking a month off work to go home to far north coast nsw to vist my skyline and im woundering whats going on in SEQ area.
  6. The government only look out for themselves.
  7. EFI performance moved to the gold coast which isnt that far away from ballina.
  8. thanks for the reply im going to the motorplex friday night. There doesnt seem to be much on in perth over the easter weekend l.
  9. Does anyone know of any perth based car events over the easter long weekend my partner is draging me out of kalgoolie.
  10. I read your group buy but couldnt see anything about carbon bonnets for 34gtt
  11. So i emailed this company and asked about group buys they said there will to do better deals for group buys if anyone is interested.
  12. Im glad I've given away a idea for an app Im not smart enough to develop It would make a great tool for some of us on here. The main problem I see with a app like this is that if you can scramble something so easy how hard would it be to unscramble.
  13. Im glad I read this even thought I don't have a GTR like everyone else. My GTT cost me a $1000 with Shannons $341 with NRMA VC.
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