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  1. Hey, how are you doing? I'm sort of new to this and I want to get to know a few people in w.a... It's soo hard to find people close by...

  2. so theres a cruise 30th may? ill be at PCD ahaha
  3. Hey hun, wish i could have checked earlier sounds like alot of fun, how was it?
  4. Hey guys, aaaah gay!! my laptop hasnt been working properly and had no way of checking the website how was the car show? had to tell the friends there wasnt a cruise cause had no way off checking, is there any on tonight? besides nightcruiserz? no offence but dont really like there cruises! shh (:
  5. Hey guys and Girls (: is there any cruises on this friday? just told some girls to come on a cruise with me and the bf, except, dunno if theres any on hahaha, please let me know, thanks
  6. hey guys and girlies (: does any one know of any cruises this weekend?
  7. BTW, who drives that 4giveme?? hes a babe! shhh ehe
  8. naaaw thanks! i missed out on this cruise ): sounds like it was pretty good tho, two of my friends went (: in a r33 2 brunettes ne wun spot them?? ehehhe need more pikies lol
  9. what time do use think the cruise will end?? and use need to get sum promo models xx
  10. hey guys, is there anything on this weekend?? 27th/28th February???
  11. it was awsome hey such a massive turnout what did u think of it?... was sooo over whelming with all those nice cars ahaha

  12. omg guys, last nights cruise was awesome!!! what happened on leach hwy?? all i heard was a big bang and everyone ran over lol best cruise i been on so far
  13. hey gorgeous,

    enjoy d cruise last night :))

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