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  1. On November 18th Sydney will host a one time only Need for Speed Hot Pursuit “On Tour” event. Visiting 7 cities across the United States, Sydney is the only Australian city to be part of the official detour. Headlining Need for Speed Hot Pursuit ‘On Tour’ will be U.S. hip-hop superstar Big Boi. Having claimed six Grammy Awards with Outkast, Big Boi will now be rocking the Hordern Pavilion well into the night! Also, the adjoining Royal Hall of Industries will be packed with select modified cars (each car has been hand-picked to be on show which promises quality over quantity!). The after party isn't open to all (you need to register to get your free tickets) but the car show is, so feel free to come down and check it out. More details at: http://www.nfsontour.com.au
  2. drift S15 on the cover.. big DRIFT title on it. ill pick up a copy at lunch.. its in the wynyard newsagency if anyone cant find it in the city.
  3. Ill be there taking pics.
  4. Big link, hope it works. Nice R34 4door. http://www.carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/!cs_results.display_vehicle?dweb_id=&vehicle_id=1185045&instant_flag=&service_id=21&total_rec=38&current_rec=21&multi_flag=0&order_by=photo_avail+%3Asort_order%2C+vehicle_id+desc&sort_type=DESC&make_id=5&model_id=73&region_id=104
  5. kula

    Need a new car

    i read the NSX and thought, why the hell would u want to downgrade to anything else! The i reread it and saw the nissan bit. doh. isnt it an NX?
  6. kula

    School zones

    its rediculous. if it was a 70zone, and it was skool hours, you do say 72 kph, and it flashes ya, thats one months automatic loss of licence thanks. something has to be done about this.
  7. i respect bob carr, but hate his stand on speed cameras:P if i knew any other politician who didnt like em, id vote for them. i reckon ill go democrats.
  8. my pics: http://www.markpakula.com/f1
  9. kula

    GTR or evo VI

    Evos rock. A qld lancer ran a 9 with nothing tooo serious. how much did mario spend to run a 9? anyway, 1/4 per dollar is silly, u could get an old skool rotor to do it for 50k...
  10. fullboost was a suprise:) nice attachment franks
  11. if people want prints of the shots or wallpapers let me know.
  12. thanks for the kind comments. if anyone wants prints let me know. I didnt take many ppl shots, the school shot is the same as frankys but im not in it heres a couple last min shots...
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