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  1. Second hand rack best bet. Near future could be 5 years away
  2. Depends. What are you doing when it happens?
  3. its automatic. you might have your Speed sensor wire cut. Some of the Vs have an aftermarket switch to turn the sensor on or off so they can use the TV, DVD or Aftermarket Sat Nav while driving. I Did on my V35 and do on my V36
  4. What did you have your camera attached to?
  5. I didn't even notice it said 350gt. yeah i know
  6. So you looking for Sedan Springs or Coupe Springs?
  7. If you want a brand new one it will be hard to find. But if your happy for a second hand one just google wrecking v35 coupe
  8. https://ownersmanuals2.com/d/52111 2008. pretty close
  9. the service book so you can check what needs checking and needs replacing. you can get it online. I think there is a link to it here on the forum
  10. http://www.carmate.com/display_products.php?id=489&categoryid=1 they have a few bumpers
  11. Sounds tricky. I reckon a Auto Sparky. Just make a few phone calls around and ask if they have any experience with the car
  12. Price drop as it get closer to 100,000km $25,000
  13. New they are the same price. I like the interior of the red sport but like the exterior of the supra. Supra seems to have better specs almost all round. It's a tough choice for me
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