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  1. i remember doing this with my 03 V35 coupe. Window all the way down then all the way up holding for X amount of time.
  2. That is so cool. How do get to watch that event?
  3. I don't see much talk if any about them on here. I know they are really popular in the States so they have more people talking on forums there but i was hoping a few crew on SAU have one or are keen to get one. Well if you come across this thread and have a V37 post a pic and say hi 😁
  4. right click on your photo and do a google image search but add "Closed air pod" to the search A few popped up like yours
  5. just google "aerpro double din v35 review" Good and bad points. It's up to you. there might be some cheap ones out there but you get what you pay for. Looks like some people claiming its "Aeropro" but might be a cheap copy. this looks good https://frankiesautoelectrics.com.au/aerpro-fp8272sz-2-din-stereo-install-kit-suit-nissan-skyline-2001-2004-v35-350gt-single-zone-climate-gunmetal-grey/
  6. it will be a switch to turn your Speed sensor wire on or off. so you can use the TV,DVD,USB videos and other things when driving.
  7. Well if you can only play that one album and no other music plays i'm guessing they are gone. The 50% used hard is an unknown.
  8. Get it all fixed by some local guys. Looks good as is just needs to be fixed 👍
  9. Don't see to many crew on here talking about there mods on the crossover. But if you find gear post it up
  10. It will change back and forth from your wifes phone to your phone. It wont have both at the same time. One for calls the other music. And sometimes it will just not connect. Mine was not connecting very well when i upgraded phones to something newer. "Old bluetooth with new Bluetooth"???
  11. This can help. But what you should go is get "Google Translate" on your phone.
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