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  1. yeah i was thinking if the the bumper and tail lights fit our Q50 i might see about getting some (when i get my Q50 ).
  2. I like it What's our thoughts? Maybe we might be able to get that bumper for our Q50? https://jalopnik.com/the-new-nissan-skyline-is-a-japan-only-q50-with-the-gt-1836407746
  3. there are part numbers somewhere in this forum. Might have to do some searching
  4. Check on youtube. there are how to's on opening headlights. (oven for X mins at Z temp) But to replace the LEDs you might need to look at that when you open them up.
  5. I think it's unburnt fuel combusting in the exhaust pipes when it's hot enough.
  6. Yeah that popping sound is cool. You mean when your driving along in 3rd and put it in second to slow down the exhaust makes popping sounds? I don't know how to get that sound but i know what you mean. I had it in my old 2 door pajero when i installed a lot better free flowing exhaust.
  7. My Car Sales add https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Nissan-Skyline-2011/SSE-AD-6119943/?gts=SSE-AD-6119943&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-6119943&rankingType=Spotlight
  8. Hey guys Upgrading to a new car so my V36 is for sale. just got it listed on Facebook atm so this is a link to it https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/298533124430806/ I will get some better photos later and repost But if you want any more info just ask
  9. Do a clean of the sensor first. Maybe clean your throttle bodies too
  10. Awesome. "one Q60 red sport please"
  11. Anyone driving a Q60 that has done this mod or is willing to see if it can be done to their car? i'm about to buy one in a few weeks and i might have to get a Q50 just because of the head room I feel it's such a weird thing to not buy a car over another car.
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