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  1. nah no screen mirror. But you can spend some money and get an Android system installed to replace the screen. Synergy Motorsport in Adelaide can do it and I'm 90% sure Autotainment in Perth can. I don't know anywhere else.
  2. that's some weird phone plug for older iphones. the car is meant to have a cable to plug your old iphone in
  3. cheaper one is fine. yeah you can get some old phones with mini hdmi
  4. Looks great. If the cons don't bother you go for it.
  5. That's a nice jump in power. That torque increase looks really good to. The V36 has a really restrictive exhaust. If you wanted more High Flow Cats would make a another good bump in power. but you start getting an exhaust with a really loud harsh note to it (IMO)
  6. hmmm try the same thing on the Traction control button. Or pull out the ABS fuse maybe 🤷‍♂️
  7. This looks like it will a great project. Very keen to watch it come together
  8. hold down the VDC for 8sec plus. Then it will turn off completely. It might turn back on after a while if your not doing cool skids
  9. they got over 80 google reviews and they all look fine to me 😏
  10. If you drive through puddles alot put it on. or keep it in the car and if your ever really worried put it on before you smash through those puddles
  11. cost nothing it was missing and the car was under warranty. I'll see if it can be copied.
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