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  1. I've had mine replaced with some poly ones Can't tell the difference fits G35 and G37
  2. depends . when your car was imported they would have changed the light bulbs around for compliance. but sometimes the company will leave it all there but just do a work around so you can change the lights back later. So you might be ready to go. I can't remember what it looks like. a box with wires hanging out?
  3. https://www.caradvice.com.au/788699/infiniti-to-exit-australia/ Good or Bad? what does this mean for "V" imports?
  4. Do you think the uprev will fix your "rough running" ?
  5. Pay someone or Start searching and reading and watching.
  6. not of the top of my head. but start pulling and looking. there are a few spots for the fuses. under the bonnet, drivers footwell and straight off the battery. download the repair manual. it will give you a better idea
  7. Very common that the fuel sensor is dirty. There are some Topics on this if you go searching So if you find that when you fill up your tank (to the top) the fuel gauge doesn't go up and past the full line. You may need to clean the sensor. Pull off the lower part of your back seat to get to your fuel tank pumps. there will be one on the drivers side and passengers side. open both. pull out the pumps. get a cotton tip and clean the metal contacts. Best to find the topic on this. there are pics
  8. He said every thing that might be causing movement or feed back to the steering wheel. I think making sure everything was really tight helped the most.
  9. Not good Had the rack removed to get measurements. It's all sealed up and you would damage the rack if you tried to remove them. Then you wouldn't be able to fit new ones. My mechanic has just greased up and tighten them down. Now I don't have any movement problems so I'm happy.
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