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  1. Just do a ring around to the Audio/Auto electricians. The V35 has been around for a long time now and it's really common to install the double din and upgrade the audio. So i bet you'll find businesses with experience.
  2. Having it only make the noise maybe once a week is going to be hard for the mechanic to diagnose. Maybe you can get a recording of it when it happens.
  3. Great questions to ask. Very keen to hear the response
  4. Rear 9j x 19 ET 45 Front 8.5j x 19 ET 43
  5. What city you live in? Lots of places have different fixes for what you might need
  6. My mates 350z rattles sometimes because of the ac. Bad pulley or ac clutch
  7. You can get cheap bluetooth ones off ebay. Some are too cheap and won't work so be careful
  8. could be few things Fuel, Air and Spark. any codes?
  9. selling my V36 rims with tyres . your Front rims are smaller
  10. did ya put the wrong screw in the door handle? maybe a long screw touching the glass
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