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  1. Hey guys, was having a bit of a nostalgic moment and bought Street Fighter the 30th Anniversary Edition and was playing Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. I could be wrong but does that look like a baby blue Skyline / R32 in the corner there?
  2. Was definetly fun going for a lurk, went for a drive earlier on too after dinner and had some fun on the motorway with a Maserati Gran Turismo 😄
  3. That was definetly me lol ahhhhhhhh, I think I do recall that, it was the first time id been out in like probably almost 8 years lol. I wish id seen these earlier ahhhhhh.
  4. Ahhhhhhh thats entirely possible, I was out and about. I went and caught up with a friend who I had not seen in a while. What colour? I missed ya's and only saw this now.
  5. Lol ohhhh nice, yeah I Drive it most days, as I'm not a fan of fixing up a car and just leaving it to there. Definetly built it with "Daily Driven" in mind. I used to be out quiet a lot back in the old days when people use to go meet up on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays etc. Not so much these days as cant be bothered with the problems that come with that certain crowd of people lol
  6. I thought you ment in real life for a moment there lol, interesting I havent really posted about my car anywhere else apart from here and the a couple of places on Facebook. But yeah if you do link it!
  7. Yeah I'm definetly looking forward to some better weather over this summer and go for a nice cruise or something.
  8. Managed to get out and clean the car today. Just a small update, have slowly been getting used to it. Still havent tried high boost but car was serviced and is now running descent rubber all around. Got recommended from a mate to try Potenza RE003's. And can say that the difference is night and day and they are a great tyre for sure. Car feels so good to drive and even manage to have traction in Second Gear. Over all am loving it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cant wait to try the high boost at some point.
  9. Hey Looney_Head, after driving it for a while now I can honestly say I dont think it has that lumpy idle either. I'm not that good at describing things really lol. I only just finally put some descent tyres on the car today and got another wheel alignment done. Car already feels a lot better to drive now, compared to the cheap Chinese Sunny branded ones that were on there. Will take the car for a descent drive in the weekend hopefully give it a bit more shit lol.
  10. Hey blah_blah It feels very nice from about 3K onwards. It doesn't feel overly laggy or anything like that. Definetly no plans for e85 as I drive the car everyday and just want to keep it that way most probably 🙂
  11. Is definetly a lot of fun thanks man 🙂 The car you mentioned sounds awsome. Ive had a lot of people ask why I kept the stock manifold. I guess I just couldn't justify spending that kind of cash on something that wasn't required. Mind you I ended up doing a lot of things that most probably wouldn't do. I.E front facing plenum, but I just completely dislike the stock setup from a aesthetics point of view lol.
  12. Hey Looney_Head. Still definetly running VCT with these CAMS. Car sounds nice. When you mean lope are you talking about that lumpy cam idle?
  13. Hey blah_blah Yup I used the stock Manifold along with a spacer plate like a lot of people have done for the GT3076 on a stock manifold. The turbo is using an Internal Gate however am running a Upgraded Turbosmart Actuator as per reccomendations. I would say the car could probably take more boost, however I am currently more than happy with the power levels and how it drives. So will just keep it on that for the moment. Car definitely feels a lot better than the old turbo. The old turbo was using a .63 ar housing and was very similar to a gt35. I need some better rubber as it currently feels like it will light up 3rd with ease.
  14. Hey Looney_Head. It definetly feels great to drive on the road! The Cams in it are Kelford Cams. Specs are: Intake: 262 And 262 Exhaust 9.30 mm Lift
  15. 1996 R33 Skyline Gts25t SII. Updated. Now running a MaxxECU, MAP and Temp Sensor set up etc. BorgWarner EFR 7670 with TurboSmart Actuator. CAM Angle Sensor replaced with alternative Sensor Setup Kelford CAMS 262 Intake And 262 Exhaust 9.30 mm Lift Boost Control is via ECU Red Line is 15 psi Low Boost Blue Line is 20 psi High Boost Fuel used was BP Ultimate 98
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