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  1. mates, a question for M35 RWD: what shocks can be used for M35? will the ones from Fairlady fit? and who knows about these optional shocks something? will they low the car down?
  2. 427

    Stagea Brakes

    mates, will rotors + calipers from WGCN34 (turbo) fit M35 RWD stagea with no modifying?
  3. hi mate could you please reup image? ER34-004188 please ggkbrtfr34udaajj thanks!
  4. hey mates, searched for the other threads and didn't find the way to solve the problem. so i had this issue before but after some time it had fixed itself my speedo, milegae, tacho and water temp are not working, the rest things are working once it turns on (speedo, milegae, tacho and water temp) but after 1 min working turned off again. i checked computer for speed pin connection, there is blitz power meter id connected - everything is ok with conenctions. on power meter there is also no information about current speed. i checked the fuse - 'meter' in the interior fuse box - it's ok i took off the cluster and checked for the fallen off connections - all is ok could you please tell me where to check? also there is check engine sign appeared thanks in advance PS now the cluster working and check engine sign turned off. one thing i noticed - when cluster has malfunction the door when opened has sound signal (like when you leave lights on after turning off the ignition), when cluster is ok there is no such signal, only flashing red lamp of alarm
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    just back from Japan Car Fest
  6. mates, please help me. so there is a big chioce of TD06 types turbos with anti surge, 15G 20G 25G and so on. but as I understand all these needs the wastegate (better then actuator), custom manifold and down pipe - am I right? second question - if to choose the TD06 series - which model is the best one(minimum lag, fast spool, optimal for rb25det neo)? and the last question - doen anybody have experience with bolt on one (dyno graph, feedback) : http://shopping.kinugawaturbo.com/upgradeturbochargerrb20detrb25detwstage3turbine68mmcomp450bhp.aspx i checked the size of compressor and turbine - they are similar to Greddy TD06-20G: http://www.ztechz.net/id1.html
  7. anyone has tried this one? http://shopping.kinugawaturbo.com/upgradeturbochargerrb20detrb25detwstage3turbine68mmcomp450bhp.aspx
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    yeah every day I wake up early in the morning, drink a bottle of vodka, walk out my bear on the red square and play balalaika, then drink 3 more vodkas to warm up, because it's snowy and -30C outside, lol
  9. 427


    yeah, made about 10 shots on my galaxy s3, this is the best one, but woman in the backside. need to install 5mm more spacers in the back and take canon 60d to take some nice pictures
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