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  1. Hi. 2.6 with 3576 0.83a/r will make full boost around 4000rpm with some cam gear adjustment. I’m with efr8474 now:)
  2. Ok. . Thanks. So 74mm 1.45 to 80mm 1.45 they should be direct swap.
  3. Any idea is that direct swap from 8474 1.45a/r to 9280 1.05 a/r without any exhaust work?
  4. 2.8 with build head. 4th gear dyno. Getrag with 4.1 diff. I can get 1.7bar at 4000rpm 5th gear on road.
  5. My front housing casting was not very good as well. But I don’t think it will effect anything.
  6. Hi. I have full build 2.8 with 8474 1.45a/r. I can tell the response is not much worse than 3582 0.83a/r.
  7. that's perfect comparison. so RB2.8 8474 1.45 made 525awkw on 26 psi 117krpm. 8374 1.05 made 490kw on 27psi 126krpm. and if same engine same a/r housing the response should be very similar. is that rwkw or awkw?
  8. Look closely. My one made 700hp is between 7500-8000rpm at 26psi. Welsh’s 2.6 peak power at 7300 around 30psi. I think the head setup make some difference. the 8474 1.45a/r on road feeling is better response than my old 3582 gen2 0.83a/r. And go faster for sure.
  9. Yeah it’s make sense. It only about 25psi at higher rpm. My one make similar HP on 25psi. But I got 1.45a/r housing, different engine setup and different dyno(awd). At the end I set at 26psi 710awhp. And it is still more room for more hp if I use 4 ports boost solenoid. For drivetrain safety I don’t want push more. I think 1.45 will help and it doesn’t take too much response away.
  10. Yeah. I think 1.45 a/r cost a bit mid range. But power potential is there.
  11. Hi. Not yet. We just done hardline for wastegate water cool. And the car will back on dyno to finish the tune.
  12. This was 4th gear dyno but I got 4.1 diff ratio. (Original diff ratio 3.5) So if use 5th gear it should spool a little better. 4.1 4th gear is same as 3.5 ratio 3rd gear. I haven’t drive the car yet. So can’t tell what it drive like. It reach full boost about 5000rpm. About 400rpm slower than my old 3582 0.82a/r. But also different cams, exhaust, intercooler. 3.5 diff. Everything bigger with 8474.
  13. Got result. Look like the turbo like higher boost. Now we got 662awhp at 24psi 114krpm 726awhp at 26psi 118krpm. Look like still a lot more rooms but the power already pass my clutch limit. So I decide stop at around 25-26psi. 2 more psi made 60awhp. Which make me believe it like higher boost. And for a reference: my old setup gtx3582 g2 made 690awhp on 31psi. (Maxing out)
  14. Hi mate, not yet. already booked tune next week. the leak is fixed. the hose is like 10mm or 12mm hose pop off. you can put your finger in that hole. and when i drive back to home i can feel it response much better. and i got 0.35 bar at 2500 rpm.
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