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  1. Yeah. I think 1.45 a/r cost a bit mid range. But power potential is there.
  2. Hi. Not yet. We just done hardline for wastegate water cool. And the car will back on dyno to finish the tune.
  3. This was 4th gear dyno but I got 4.1 diff ratio. (Original diff ratio 3.5) So if use 5th gear it should spool a little better. 4.1 4th gear is same as 3.5 ratio 3rd gear. I haven’t drive the car yet. So can’t tell what it drive like. It reach full boost about 5000rpm. About 400rpm slower than my old 3582 0.82a/r. But also different cams, exhaust, intercooler. 3.5 diff. Everything bigger with 8474.
  4. Got result. Look like the turbo like higher boost. Now we got 662awhp at 24psi 114krpm 726awhp at 26psi 118krpm. Look like still a lot more rooms but the power already pass my clutch limit. So I decide stop at around 25-26psi. 2 more psi made 60awhp. Which make me believe it like higher boost. And for a reference: my old setup gtx3582 g2 made 690awhp on 31psi. (Maxing out)
  5. Hi mate, not yet. already booked tune next week. the leak is fixed. the hose is like 10mm or 12mm hose pop off. you can put your finger in that hole. and when i drive back to home i can feel it response much better. and i got 0.35 bar at 2500 rpm.
  6. Hi mate. I will get the leak and a few other things fixed next week. Hope later next week.
  7. Yeah. the turbo speed sensor really tell alot things. Now i know why my gtx3584rs only made 580awhp with high inlet temp. If I had speed sensor before I might keep the 3584 and fix the leak.
  8. A 3inch bung plug the inlet manifold, and fill the smoke in. If you see smoke there is a leak , my one doesn’t look like a crack hose it look like one big hose not connecting anything. Will see what happens when it fixed. I think it should doing what I expect. Better response more power and higher boost. goog thing is even with the big leak. The car still make over 600hp and response not too bad.
  9. Today. We finally found the problem with a smoke machine. It was a big leak just above the oil filter and under the inlet manifold. Now I know where the boost and hp goes.
  10. Yeah. That’s another thing need to check tomorrow. I will remove the filter. It’s a big 4inch KN filter. But I haven’t clean it:(
  11. Power curve look ok. Power start drop after 7500rpm. And on power around 4500-5000rpm. Yeah I agree with you. It sound like something hold it back before or after the turbo.
  12. Yeah the 3 ports can’t hold boost well after 23psi.
  13. Yeah. It’s something rare. If look the map it doesn’t make sense. But we really can’t find any mechanical problem so far. The engine still make 600hp 20psi. Which means engine is good. And the intake temp is good too. I haven’t measure turbo outlet temp yet. My ecu is haltech plug in.
  14. Hi we did replace 3ports to 4ports. We tested both oem and turbosmart bov. They both does the same job. Now I’m going to use a blank plate. So far there are no leak we can find. And shaft speed 23psi on 8000 rpm is 114krpm made 630-640awhp. After we change to 4 ports we will increase boost see what it can do. Same dyno we got 660hp at 28psi with 3582gen2.
  15. Yeah I’m getting blank plate tomorrow. And test it again. At moment 25psi drop to 22psi on high rpm already on limit of 3 ports solenoid, turbo speed is 114k. Now we need change to 4 ports boost solenoid to increase boost and get bov blank plate to test if it’s leak.
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