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  1. haha yeh. with this cruise tomorrow, ill might drop by and meet u guys, cant come on the cruise tho i gota be somewhere at 3.30
  2. yeh u did i saw u haha and u looked at me i gave a wave but got snobbed LOL
  3. SO KEEN for this i missed the last one because of some drift damage to my suspension a few days before ill let you know when i put the money in
  4. anyone going out today? ill be around maroochydore/mooloolaba after 12ish. Look out for a black r32 with GTR bar, IFR12 number plates.. gimmi a wave
  5. saw a silver r33 gtst with a SAU sticker at a roundabout in maroochydore, near the plaza on the way to bunnings, i was in my 32 u gave me a look lol
  6. so spewn i didnt go, looked and sounded so good. im keen to have a run with sunny coast people thru the hills one weekend if anyones keen
  7. LOL i was convinced it would be pissing down woke up at like 10am to sunrays coming thru the blinds i was spewn. how was it, many sunny coasters go?
  8. yates automotive is where i got mine. off wises road maroochydore
  9. ill be there if its not raining, i cant drive in the rain.. i get all fogged up without aircon
  10. haha man i love my sleepins u have no idea ay haha
  11. possibly me, i go down that way afair bit
  12. yeah i agree with habler. it wont be stickin out.. but spacers are alrite my views on offset is having the rim out the guard with stretched tires... but thats cus im a drifter and its the go these days lol. but yeah itll look good with ur specs tho! put up a pic when their on
  13. so whats that like.. 6.20 leave from maroochydore.... lol f**k i only get 2 sleep-ins a week
  14. takes like... 1 hour and a bit to get there from caboolture. and the cruise leaves at 9... just itll be good to be there befor then. so maybe leave the bp at around 7.15 ishhhh?
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