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  1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/290950611500?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_665wt_1328 all details are listed in the above address line
  2. Selling my spare RB25det engine, good chance i wont need it again because i have alot bigger engine in my S14. Engine is well tested, has done a mere 147,000kms, and i still have the dash ! I can show the buyer how to wire it in and to run with a few simple wires. includes loom, ecu, manifolds, afm, turbo, injectors, flywheel pick up in SE suburbs $1200 ONO, engine is advertised elsewhere, please sms 0417506282 will swap for brown and davies half cage with lugs for intrusions to suit S14
  3. hey peeps, i bought this but have too many projects already underway rb25neo head, complete with manifolds, injectors, cam covers, cams, cam gears, efi wiring loom, turbo x over pipe open to serious offers, pick up in seaford after hours or weekend. davo 0417506282
  4. for sale x4 Enkei Alloy Racing wheels $750 As new Dunlop sport 300E front tyres, and road worthy sumitomo directional rears 17x7, will need spacers to fit GTR, which i have Comes with wheel nuts and key (special wheel nuts) oh and i have 3 maybe 4 small center caps aswell somewhere, i took them off as i thought they looked better. First to see will buy, call me 0417506282 when you read this not when you get home and forget about it then ring up a week later when you have remembered. will not suit x4 stud cars, it has Nissan x5 stud, and something else nfi what, don't care
  5. oil pump new in box, comon guys $250 this week only, mine's ecu $200 this week only, air pods $200 this week only. cant beleive i have to reduce this stuff to sell it. pick up in frankston, give me a call 0417506282
  6. as title says brand new oil pump in box, unopened $300 can post $20 Mines 4" air afm pod adaptors and used filters for R32 GTR may suit r33 r34, $250! Mines ECU, r32 gtr $250 give me a call 0417506282 pick up sth east. melb
  7. sorry guys im out, and i wont require the facilites of the tirana motor inn. d
  8. With great regret i have to pull out from this event. What did you buy ?
  9. looks like im getting a room by myself. hmm no pants friday ! oh no wait that will cut into drinking time.
  10. Tint test with meter, brake fluid test with meter, brake performance test (hard to fail), structual awareness ------> any vehicle which has been fork lifted or run over some kind of gutter which has a bump in the chasis is a automatic fail. so basicly every import is now unroadworthy. Alot of mechanic's were handing there license back in, as they also have to take photographs of the vehicle and every fault, store for 7 years and submit to vic roads. not to mention rwc costs have trippled. The vicroads website has a customer feedback option, it wouldn't let me submit my opinions because i used the word crap! apparently thats a sware word. naturally i changed it to "cr#p" On a side note alot of dealers and used car salesman are going broke, with increasing costs, just wait alot of have been closing down over the years, but now more will crumble. my 2 cents. D.
  11. Hey bec, Is there any persons whishing to share a room? i want to come up friday evening. I also admit i will be a pain and bring my tandem trailer. So 1 night, happy to share. dave
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