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  1. Trozzle


    And moar http://www.vox.com/2016/6/27/11544250/psychedelic-drugs-lsd-psilocybin-effects
  2. Prescription drugs from opiates through benzodiazepines to antidepressants would play a large roll in the problem 'murica has with shootings etc, among MANY social issues the country faces. America's gun laws are f**ked, but changing them at this point probably won't have the same effect it did for Australia. They're too rampantly accessible, and the sheer number of unregistered/illicit firearms in the country already probably screws the same approach Australia had with the gun buy-back scheme etc. Not to mention how stubbornly they stand by their second amendment, which they aren't even taking seriously (let's face it, I'm sure they'd have enacted its purpose by now if they did). Guns are just the most accessible release for the issues far too many citizens there have. It's much more than the guns - and I agree they should be f**ked off big time like they did here - it's the state of society and mental health playing an overwhelmingly large role in these events (imo) and if not for grabbing assault rifles and opening up on a cinema, it would be something else. I've not got a tinfoil hat prepared for Big Pharma, lol. There's much money being made there, and there are quite clearly people in this world evil enough to manipulate shit so the status quo remains and they continue to profit from it beyond any needs they or their company may ever have. Not to say 'Big Pharma' is what some suggest, but goddamn to stand on a soapbox and laugh like such theories are as insane as alien abductions is laughable in itself.
  3. "My evidence is worth more than yours, because I say so." f**k me I wasn't even promoting cannabis, nor was I suggesting it doesn't have potential to cause alterations. But sure, you can rebut that anyway. I'll just keep sharing things as I come across them, regardless of whether you want me to or not. It's your choice to read or comment.
  4. Are you living in some fairytale land where the government didn't demonise pot in the first place, using exactly that which you point out - propaganda? Because Reefer Madness was a documentary and all.
  5. It's published on the Washington State University website, and cites a study done on survey data spanning an 11 year period. I'll agree the title is clickbaity as really cannabis has only recently become legalised, though it does still support the notion that prohibition has somewhat contributed to the harm on society from cannabis.
  6. Let it die? Either you're subscribed to this thread, or you care enough to come back in to check whether I'm still contradicting the uneducated rhetoric. Well, I am. Sources and all. Soon the minority opinion will become the majority, and maybe the aging population so stubborn in their mindset will begin to listen to science. And likely no worse for wear
  7. Fark me, can you guys hear that echo?! https://source.wustl.edu/2016/05/states-legalize-marijuana-adolescents-problems-pot-decline/
  8. Spotted Manuel on his way through the Barton hwy roundabout this arvo.
  9. Trozzle


    Moar: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/05/17/magic-mushrooms-lifts-severe-depression-in-trial/
  10. ^^^ copped that BS with my R33 when it had stock GT-R seats.
  11. Trozzle


    Wasn't sure which thread was most appropriate: http://www.iflscience.com/brain/lsd-could-help-fight-depression-inhibiting-mental-time-travel
  12. I find high bar makes me feel like I'm putting too much weight onto the ball of my foot rather than the heel. I realise this is a problem with my form and not inherent of high bar squats, but ehh low bar doesn't hurt like all f**k on my traps haha
  13. HIGHLY ill advised by sensible steroid users for anyone to consider the use of AAS until your mid 20s from everything I've read on dat der HR forum I partake in. Anything earlier than that and you're risking damage to your HTPA from shutdown and possible early fusion of epiphyseal growth plates from potentially higher oestrogen levels. He's almost certainly at the beginning of his natural PEAK PRODUCTION so his test levels would already be above most of ours (unsure of some ages here lol)....there's dead set no need to go throwing in endogenous hormones at that age. Expect cardiovascular issues before he's 40 if he's actually serious about this path lol.
  14. Take a hefty dose of mushrooms and you'll really have fun with that question. THE BODY IS NOTHING BUT A MEAT ROBOT BEING PILOTED REMOTELY BY OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. lol.
  15. I'll take full credit for that one Anthony. We all know the power to turn these threads into a degraded shit-slinging contest is usually something I unintentionally exercise.
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