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  1. Hey guys My rear brake rotors on my A31 have pooped it self :S its still a 4 stud whore! What is the alternitave, and where to get? Thanks
  2. Spotted MISS33 on panatalinga rd on sunday (yes late spot lol)
  3. GIVE-AWAY Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Our bird "Feather" is getting no love no more as we dont have time for him! He has a bird disease that can cause his feathers to fall out (But he seems fine, as some birds can carry it and have no problems) The disease is contagus, but not to any birds other than other cockatoos or galahas. We have had him since he was a baby (hand reared) and he loves attention, he also knows a few tricks! Cage also avaliable for $150 (Its a $600 cage) PM me if you are interested
  4. Hahaha i have found out..... Even with traction control on WTF lol! Not much i can do to it so far (as there is nothing for them), But hopefully they start to in the next coming months
  5. Spotted me getting my new car Kinna needed a tow car, decided on this!
  6. Black 180 in Mawsons followed by a blue pursuit with plates "PURSUIT" (i want them plates) A certain someone in a gold S14 going up main nth rd over montague rd R33s EVERYWHERE up north.... God they r the commodore of imports
  7. FS: Nissan EXA N12 Turbo Carsales link to car 1985 NISSAN PULSAR EXA Price: $3,700 Kilometres: 363,075 Body: Coupe Colour: Red Interior Colour: Black/grey Transmission: 5 speed Manual Engine: 4 cylinder Petrol Turbo 1.5L (1487cc) Reg Plate: UMN234 RWC: N/A Brief Comments: A rare & quick JDM Turbo Nissan EXA Pulsar N12... It needs to go, i have no room ****A MUST SEE**** Car has been my back up car and not driven regularly, Reason for sale is, i have bought a new car and no need for it. It has new plugs and reasonably new leads, dash is in perfect condition as it has had a dash matt and always cleaned with armor all dash wax. Car has always been run on 98 Octane as long as iv owned it. Modifications: Supra FMIC, Unknown BOV, 2 1/2" turbo back exhaust, Jun BL cannon, De-cat pipe, Boost gauge, Lowered king springs, K&N pod filter, Tinted windows, Remote central locking, Running 12.5 PSI, CD player, Front door speakers, 6X9 rear mounted speakers, Never boosted over 12.5 or spiked, well looked after. a must see for any N12 Exa enthusiast or just want a small quick reliable turbo car. Price: $3700 neg Car is un-regoed but will rego for 3 months for the buyer A car worth seeing for your self, please no time wasters. Contact Ryan on 0421471421, If no answer please SMS "EXA for sale"
  8. ill get pics up of mine asap Pretty sure mines 33 R cooler though
  9. HAHAHAHAHA.... Perfect point and i thinks have got something there
  10. Today spotted White 180 on cross rd followed for a bit b4 he pulled in to maccas Silver Cef on states.... Mmmmm sexy White RX7 S5 on Panatalinga, clean as Yesterday Purple Sileighty back streets of edwardstown White 180 on the back of a car trailer towed by a 4x4 near glenside
  11. Spotted a very sexy Gold S14 (U no who u r, also i havnt seen u in ages) and a Black R34 4door at BP O'Halloran Hill Also a Maroon R32 down a side street in Onkaparinga Hills
  12. Looks very much like photoshop to me (see clearly where the rear bar meets the gutter and where the shaddows sit arnt right)
  13. Hahah yeah thats lil Alicia... Plates hell suit her!!!
  14. Hahaha just about to spot u but i saw u already spotted me.... Gotta love the morning traffic, Ohhh and ur R is sexxxyy!
  15. Hey, yeah iv bn driving my N12 for a while coz the cef was broke, but now its back Where bouts u keep seeing me, What u in?
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