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  1. That would be me on my way back to work from lunch.
  2. Great cruise everyone! It was nice to meet other local SAU people.
  3. Came across some of you guys while playing. Noticed R31Nismoid name while in game. Didn't know some SAU people were playing BF3 lol. My battlelog/origin is fragment3d. I'll have to keep an eye out for the next time.
  4. Yup that was me. Aha the cage gets more rep than anything else lol. I was there buying some paint for the type x wing I just got which was in the boot. Dang man, lucky ya only got done for the exhaust and nothing else.
  5. Spotted Scotts White R32 GTR parked next to me at Warners Bay Autobarn yesterday.
  6. Aha, it's a tad bit low . Yup made it up the ramp with minimal scraping. The exhaust is quite flat now. Herd you along bridges rd. Was wondering where that bov sound was coming from then I look behind it was you. Looks the goods.
  7. Got waved by a silver R34 GTR with a black bonnet as I was going to Kotara Westfield bout 2pmish yesterday.
  8. Waved a black r33 with a battery triangle decal on the boot coming out of Northlakes Dr turning left onto Minmi Rd this morning at about 8:50.
  9. Jay.R34


    Pic taken by my mate when we were at the twin servos last Thursday.
  10. Haven't posted a pic of mine in a while. Pic taken by J_HUI at a JDMST meet.
  11. Yo that was me on Myall Rd Today got a wave from a white R33 along Macquarie Rd near the driving range.
  12. look forward to seeing you around.

  13. Spotted a blue R34 GTR going through a roundabout on Ingham Drive about lunchtime yesterday.
  14. Aha cheers, was good cruising with ya. :D

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