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  1. drift_dingo

    800hp KAI and yeh I would go the S/H route but I've been burned a few times over but buying "bulit" engines and getting them fixed...and fixed again...and again. Yeh I already have the car, the turbo. I'm over the whole "bit from here bit from there, do it at home/local shop for cheap" and ending up spending a stupid amount of time wasted by different "professionals" fixing things that break over and over. Yeh been following Lewis's stuff for years, they still the go to for engines? If thats the case I might just say f**k it and get one of their's and build around it. Weighting up my options. I know I'll NEVER get my money back on a car, ever, this is just a life long dream to own a nice skyline. It'll be the second last car I bulid to any decent spec, and I know it won't be "streetable" I'm not looking to pick anyone off the lights. I want a top end cruiser.
  2. drift_dingo

    Sup peeps! I'm chasing some recommendations, want someone to take a stock R33 RB25 skyline and build a reliable Rb25/30 build. I've got the turbo (T51R) and thats it. Will want to run e85, street car setup, so mod plates galore. Any recommend any shops? Pretty much anywhere in QLD honestly travel isn't hard for a decent bulid. In absolutely no hurry this is a once in a life time thing so I am starting research now.
  3. Afternoon, I'm interested, I'm coming into melbourne on Thursday, where is the located? I'm debating collecting it or getting it freighted, either way I'll grab it. You prefer net bank or paypal?
  4. Yeh getting quotes now for transport. VERY interested in this trailer...are you slightly negotiable on the price? Also roughly how many K has it done...Can PM me if you prefer.
  5. Hmmm if I can organise transport to south QLD I'm definatly interested... Anyone reccommend cheap way to get this to QLD?
  6. drift_dingo

    Hey, What sorta mods does this need to suit a CA18? I mean would it need a different tailshaft...I've heard of fitting these to CA18 but not much info out there. Thanks ~drft_dingo
  7. Derp! Cleared out a whole bunch, should be able to recieve messages now thanks ^^
  8. I'll take it for 70. Wanna PM yer details and prefered method of payment. Thanks ~drift_dingo
  9. if you got the right seat rails they could git a r35 GTR
  10. So do I understand correctly that you use the r33 gtst calipers with these brackets just swap in some r33 GTR rotors? If so I'll grab them off ya. ~drft_dingo
  11. They are Red and made from FRP. Let me know if ya want more pics.
  12. Matched set of Genuine VeilSide Reclinable Race seats. No rips/tears. Never fitted, came from a skyline. Has the seat rails fitted. Fully reclinable, JDM as! I'll take offers, worse I can say is no right? Were for a project skyline, but times run away from me... Price: 2000 ono Will deliver to anywhere from from Townsville/Mackay to Cairns for asking price. Can ship aus wide to your nearest depot fairly cheaply. Will even consider paying half the freight if the right deal can be stuck. PM, post here, SMS, email, whatever suits. ( shexydingo attts g mail dut com ) Leave me a msg I can call back. Have some more stuff but it's all s13 stuff...
  13. I thought these fitted both S2 and S1? Pity shipping to QLD would be pricey ><;
  14. just realized it might not fit a gtst...shall have to investigate