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  1. damm.... its not the PnP one its the normal kit one, thats pretty bad, i was told by SST where i bought it from it will work fine with my engine, i have spent about 4 days wiring it up and making it all look nice. If it doesnt work with my engine (VG30DET) i will be very unhappy and there will be alot of abuse on the phone!! I any one has a RB or VG or anything with an optical sensor can they please email me or post here there map (*.wmf file) so i can have a look at it. Thanks Sim
  2. here is a pic of the output of the disk, red = 360 slots blue = 6 inner slots
  3. Hey all, I have just installed the Wolf3D v4 ecu into my car and having a lot of trouble with the the cam mounted crank angle sensor. I can not get it to trigger the ecu that the engine is spinning. I dont think the documentation is complete if any one has the settings that would be great! (it is a VG30DET same optical sensor as the RB engines as far as i know) Thanks Simon
  4. Steve, what is required for the R33 brake conversion? Front and rear? Cheers Sim
  5. gees i hope they are good, i am off to buy one tomorrow... I know the older versions were not up to scratch but the new V4 is ment to be pretty hot! good bang for buck with the wolf system
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