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  1. Dell Inspiron 7000 2 in 1 Laptop/Tablet Hey Guys, I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 that i am no longer using. I have just been given a work laptop so it is just sitting collecting dust. I is around 6 months old but it has seen barely any use at all (less then 24 hours of use). Really it is in as new condition. I paid $2200 for it when it was brand new. Specifications: Model: 7359 6th Generation Intel i7-6500U 8GB Memory 256GB Solid State Drive 13.3-inch 1080P Truelife LED-Backlit Touch Display Windows 10 64bit Price is: $1000 Firm. Happy to post Australia wide. Depending on the location i can include shipping in this price.
  2. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    Looks like ill be a new foxtel subscriber then... I stuffed around downloading Sky rips after the events last year and it is just down right painfull.. It just shits me, that i cant "only" pay for motorsports channels. I dont watch any other form of sport... why the hell do i need to pay $60 per month for shit im not going to watch -.- Thats a huge rip off, considering that you are essentially paying $43.5 per race weekend... Thats $60 p/m + $150 Install / 20 races per year. What a joke. It's almost worth signing up for a NOW TV whole week pass ~2 times a month and pulling it down through a UK supplied VPN connection. If only that was legal. -.-
  3. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    Yea i get that. However being on the back of the grid at the end of the season wont help their 2016 budget. It's not like they can join the championship this year take the 30mill then piss off to the pub. They would still be looking at another 50M+ to compete for the remainder of the season
  4. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    What exactly is the point of Manor's return anyway? It's not like they will have anyone to compete against now that Caterham have flopped?
  5. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    Tough! Lets hope this year's is a significant improvement!
  6. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    Tech insight and video - Williams FW37 launchhttp://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/117419 Eh i dont mind it. Not as bad as last years nose
  7. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    Besides the fact that they completely missed the boat when it came to marketing the change to the V6 power unit anyway. Instead the guy running the show hands our bad PR due to low engine noise then the proceeding 3 months are focused on that single topic. No mention of the benifits that drove the change in the first place. It really didnt make any sense to me. I mean if your aim is to go green and as you pointed out the benifits would be minimal in the real world. Whats the true purpose? If your aim is to change the image of the sport, then dont you need to publicise the positives? Sure the V6 power unit is a tad quiet but it sounds mental (imo) specially with some onboard footage and when you get the turbos whining during harvesting Lets not forget there were some really great races last year, brought about from the change. Even though homo dominated most of the year, it was still a great year to be watching F1. Other then those who watch F1 religiously no one ive spoken with even had a clue what was happening.
  8. ZED X

    Formula 1 2015

    Wut... Ecclestone calls for F1 power unit to be dropped http://www.crash.net/f1/news/212651/1/ecclestone_calls_for_f1_power_unit_to_be_dropped.html
  9. Mine Really need to get some better photos.. these are a couple of years old now.
  10. Hey Guys, I’ve got a extremely mint set of Enkei RP01’s that are currently holding up my 32R. I’ve had these resprayed in arctic white around 6 months ago but they’ve had literally no use as the cars been in the shed for the past year. These rims are an extremely light forged rim they may aswell be brand new they are in perfect condition. I've lost the original stickers (the ones inside that show the rim size) as they were removed when they were resprayed. I've replaced the front facing Enkei stickers with originals. I’m tossing up with the idea of replacing these for something else. If anyone is keen on swaps show us what you've got! Ideally looking for 18x10+18 18x9+12 / TE37/XD9/CE28 or similar. I'm only interested in Forged no cast "rubbish" please The specs are as follows: 17x9+22 with 10mm bolt on spacers (Included) Brand new KU31’s 235x45x17. Less than ~200km on these! Included. I don't have a price in mind.. but lets say $1800 Firm Including rubber. I'dd prefer swaps for these as it means less f#@ing about. Heres how they sit currently: R32 GTR Standard Turbos + Standard Dumps - $250 R32 GTR Standard Front Pipes (Includes original heat shields) not in the best condition. - $50 6 x 680cc Delphi Rochester Injectors – 14mm top feed – New Top/Bottom orings included. 1x Nolathane Upper Inner Rear Bushes – PN: 46218 - $35 1x Nolathane Lower Control Arm Bushes – PN: 45465 - $100 1x Nolathane Radius Rod Bush – PN: 48164 - $125 All prices listed above do not include postage. No ridiculous offers please guys don’t waste my time. Larger items I would prefer to sell locally. Post up here if you’d like any pics of the above. The Bushes are still in their original unopened packaging. All items located in Adelaide.
  11. Mine Took these years ago. Should have taken the P plates down! This was taken a couple of years ago but is essentially how it sits now
  12. I'm running a gates one on my R. It was pretty noisy initially however i found that i had over tensioned it (very slightly). Was fine when cold but when at operating temp it would make a distinctive whine. Loosened it off a tad and its been fine since.
  13. 303 Aerospace? Its what I've been using. Can't fault it.
  14. Thank you sir! I had heard of this technique but hadn't realized this was preferred. I had no idea this would give false readings it would certainly explain some things. Interestingly though i'dd borrowed a spare CAS from Abe last year to rule out my cas being a faulty. His could be set much closer to the middle to obtain ~20deg BTDC Appears my exhaust cam has been advanced ~5deg when it was previously tuned by turbo tune. I'll set this back to 0deg and then set base timing using the method in the FSM and see that improves things. Thanks for the tip!
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