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  1. yeah that was me. why's that? will you be comming
  2. seen maroon gtsr33 on salisbury hwy last night at about 5:30
  3. ok well we will all meet on the 29th at around 10-10:30am at the lecornu on anzac hwy and you will all get the directions when you get there. it will be about a 100 to 150 k drive with a few stops on the way. it will probably go thru the hills a bit till we end back up at villis on south rd. at around 2 or 3. hope to see you all there.
  4. tortured

    Skyline Owners

    hey everyone ive been thinking that before the wet wether sets in that we should have another meet up on the 28th or 29th so if anyone has any ideas let us all know so we can sort something out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. tortured

    you know

    you know what it is
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