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  1. Marky B

    recently got a link G4 ECU Installed into my car and the MFD now won't display throttle position. I'm guessing the ECU uses a different pin for throttle position from the standard. Has anyone come across this issue before and can offer advice as to which pin it could be or how to get this sensor working? I don't have a R34GTR but a GTT
  2. Marky B

    Cheers for this. Got it all working spot on now!
  3. Marky B

    I'll give that a go when I get the car back it's getting upgraded and mapped atm
  4. Marky B

    I wired the ambient into one or both of those from I think so they should display that, didn't realise there were on there though, how would you do that then?
  5. Marky B

    I don't have a v-spec MFD so mine doesn't have intake gauges
  6. Marky B

    I had a blown up pin diagram of the ecu. I plan to.make a how to guide with photos I was going to post on the forum
  7. Marky B

    You can ignore this..... bit of a rookie mistake they are working it's just fluids weren't warm enough to register. I'll see myself out
  8. Marky B

    Hi guys, been on the forum for quite some time but never really posted as i tend to be a bit more active on and English one... however i found this forum has loads of great technical info. I finally had a weekend free to put a GTR M.F.D. into my R34 GTT Overall went fairly well.... wondering if anyone else has done this before as I have 2 issues. 1. the cover that goes over the unit sticks up at the back (near the windscreen) and won't sit flush with the dash. Does it need to be modified to fit or am I missing something. 2. It doesn't seem to be picking up a reading from oil temp or water temp sensors. Anyone have any advice on why or how to fix. The oil temp reading is currently wired into what used to be the triple gauge meter for it and the water temp is wired off the back if the Speedo gauge (as per attached wiring diagram) but no readings from either. I know a few people on here have done this mod so.... Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!
  9. Marky B

    Hi All!, Memeber of the S.O.C. and have a GTS 2.5 N/A will be looking to tune soon so looking at all posibilties recommended to look on here for ideas so here i am