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  1. MY17 Orange GTR Stolen Hi everyone, after a few years out of the GTR scene I bought a new one a few months ago. Two nights ago scumbags broke into my house, took the keys and stole my car. It was last scene by police in a pursuit in Moroubra - keep your eyes open for me CAE-22P, Metallic Blaze.
  2. Good lap man, but you still cant get a girlfriend...
  3. I have a custom four inch stainless system for sale. Has a stock look at the rear with original Nissan twin exits. Make an offer.
  4. haha, only hitch....my mate had them in his trailer - mind you I did a 1:05.8 on the street tyres first!!!!!!
  5. My experience at Wakefield yesterday defines what is great about the R35. I woke up early due to day light savings and thought I'd take a drive to wakefield for only the second time ever. My car is mildly modded (coolers, tune and exhaust) with standard suspension, standard aero and standard camber, 98 octane pump gas, and second hand slicks from the porsche cup series. I ran a 1:02.4 in my second session of the day! The thing can mix it with a track spec lotus in the tight stuff, and hang with a viper down the straight. Then I then put the baby seat back in, turned up the stereo, turned on the air con, and drove home. For a car that is driven every day, that carries two little boys around, it sure is insane! I couldn't care less what those whom choose to knock the GTR say, this car is one of a kind.
  6. 09GTR

    The engine will blow up soon, so will the tranny...trust me.
  7. 09GTR

    Latest addition, a little racing stripe or two.....
  8. 09GTR

    Have now upgraded the Cobb Software, added tranny cooler, HKS intercooler and BOVs, custom 4 inch exhaust (looks stock from outside) sounds awesome, brake system upgrade including pads, discs, braided lines, fuel pump. Car makes around 390 atw on pump gas stock injectors and turbos. I have decided to sell my Greddy turbo kit and am going to opt for the Willall upgrade instead. Reason being I want low and mid range. The Greddy system is brand new so pm me an offer. Latest shots of the car...
  9. 09GTR

    Also have an aeromotions fixed wing, brand new never been used. Have decided to keep stock look on new car. Make an offer.
  10. 09GTR

    Guys I have decided to sell my Greddy R35 Turbo kit. I paid $16,000 for the kit, it was installed into 09GTR before she got decapitated, it is brand new - I only drove the car once with the kit - its is awesome - good for 500 plus kilowatts atw, but have decided to go for more of a circuit set up. So make me any offer if you wish - kit comes with everything you need including pods, waste gates, etecetc
  11. 09GTR

    Never thought I'd say this - great read White35! by the way the 2010 car has absolutely no understeer whatsoever
  12. 09GTR

    I disagree with your assessment White 35. This car has had one lady owner, only driven around town to do the shopping, and the gear box has been well looked after, only ever driven in auto, VDC always on. I did lend you the keys once though.....but I can confirm it was faster than your white wreck.
  13. 09GTR

    I agree Chris, still likely someone will end up driving it. Whats an engine and tranny worth these days? Thats where my interest lies.
  14. 09GTR

    thats probably the way to go, forget the interior, just build a track day special. I still worry about the structural integrity at the speeds this thing will do. If you were content with eastern creek and wakefield, it probably wouldnt be such an issue though. Tyres are brand new btw.
  15. 09GTR

    Guys, both quarter panels are gone, they are welded to the chassis, boot is gone, spoiler gone, roof gooooone, windscreen, interior is completely ruined including seats, glass has scratched the thing to pieces - at $60 k the repair would have to come under about $55 k to make it worthwhile. The car has had a very big impact so suspect some chassis damage, I wouldnt race it with that sort of damage, and at $60 k, do the math.......