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  1. I am going to go, I can't believe is happens the same time I am going to Tokyo for a holiday, pic for sure....
  2. Can you please PM if there is room, and I can pay ASAP, if not I would like to be on the waiting list.
  3. Will the fittings (Banjo) work with an sr20 with a t28?
  4. Hey guys, Do you think my GT-RS on my sr20 will pull close to these figures hehe. Its get tuned at CRD late next week... I know that GT-SS don't make over 230rwkw on sr20's. On the other hand I have seen a dynograph of 280+rwkw with a GT-RS on an sr20. Its great to see some comparisons. -Dan
  5. I know this may seem like a weird question to be asking on a Skyline forum but someone here may be able to help me. Is the sr20det crank the same as the sr20de crank?? The motor in question is a sr20det 1997 from a 200sx (Aus Spec). Thanks Dan
  6. Orange - 800kms Bathurst - 745kms I'd be up for it if my car is going by then.
  7. I'd go if it was in May, are lowly Silvia drivers invited?
  8. I have leather, who needs an air freshner wher you have leather? :aroused:
  9. Hey peoples, I'd represent Orange which is about 6 hrs from Albury, I could make it to an event after Feb.... Dan
  10. Rezz, How much do you get paid? Dan
  11. Hey Guys Im from Orange and I havn't seen this r31...Ohhh wait I have, that guy who drives it is a skinny dude with long hair......weird lookin mofo. Dan
  12. I need a kit for the s13. PM me the details.
  13. Whats the Link to the place that has every traffic offence and how many points and cost. I just got fined by a cop General Duties for speeding 15kms or over I said no way and asked for a readout, he said no, I said what am i getting fined for he said Estimated 15kms over, I said no way, Can I get away with this in court.?
  14. How do I get the carbon off the top of pistons, its packed on pretty hard?
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