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  1. Spring rates are 8kg/mm front, 6kg/mm rear. They're pretty much brand new. $700
  2. Up for grabs is a R33 S2 shell with roll cage. The car took a knock on the front left corner (see photos for extent of damage). Straight otherwise. The cage (6 point) includes main hoop, double diagonal bracing (through hoop), back stays, back stays cross bar, lateral bars (front legs), dash crossbar, windscreen top cross bar, double side intrusion bars, roof reinforcement bars, windscreen pillar supports. North of $3000 when new. There is a set of BC Racing BR Type coil overs on the car. Adjustable height and damper. They’re as new, less than 1000km. Full details here http://bcracing.com.au/bc-design. Around $1400 new. Other bits n pieces include OMP steering wheel, fire extinguisher, suspension bits (arms, linkages, sway bars, etc). Inspections welcome. Located in Mount Eliza. $1750 ono
  3. I got this same problem... fkn annoying! Did you ever work out how to fix it?
  4. I changed my steering wheel recently and have a similar indicator problem. No probs with HICAS tho. Did you work out what it was?
  5. My S1 R33 made 155rwkw with chipped ECU, turbo back exhaust, K&N panel filter, and 12psi. I went to another dyno and made 190rwkw without changing a thing... Soooooo many variables that affect a dyno reading. Smoothness of curve is going to tell you more about how it's performing. I had a 'cough and splutter' problem back with my stock ECU (search 'overboost protection'), but re-gapped the spark plugs to 0.8mm and the problem disappeared (@ 10psi). AM ECU should also solve this problem.
  6. I've got the HAs and don't find them too hard for normal street use. Mine have the progressive spring feature tho (i.e. small spring for riding everyday bumps, big fu(k off spring for cornering etc). I have the rears set 4 clicks from squishy, and the fronts 4 clicks from house stumps. They make cornering a dream
  7. The time finally came to replace the K104s last week... 42,500km later! Pretty impressed. I could've got more km out of the fronts if I aligned more frequently. The rears... well it's a rear driven turbo I've gone with Dunlop SP 3000 this time simply because I got them for $105 each I've only had them on for a few days and already they're feeling very nice indeed, but I suppose they would considering the Hankooks had been well and truly punished.
  8. I'm keen on just the cat back. PM me your best price. Cheers
  9. Top day as always Shame the track wasnt up to it. Still, I set a PB mph of 103.31. Shows I've got a low 13 in there somewhere...
  10. This is what i want to hear I hate droning exhausts... Do you know if the dB volume is a legal level? Cheers for the pic too.
  11. Few questions: What size is it? What type of steel has been used? Is it new?
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