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  1. Yummmm i always think about those, I remember driving home in the 34 with Blair in the S15 ghosting down the freeway with no headlights... THAT WAS SCARY DON'T DO THAT! *big longing bro hugs* Yah def been years, 2 huskies and 2 kids later.... We only sold our skyline like 2 years ago as well haha She still a big puppy from the looks I kept going "i gotta log back on and check in" at the worst times, like washing my hands after dinner and stuff, no where near the PC... At work now though and just remembered haha Current projects i'm working on, Blair and I are rebuilding a suppper cheap 2007 CBR1000RR he got How's everyone going?
  2. Unfortunately only the dog thinks so o hi!
  3. I'll think of a longer one with a couple more stops for next time. Can't beat that chittering/julimar though lol
  4. Good fun drive I thought. Hope the people who turned up had fun
  5. Nah I haven't even left yet I'll be getting there early. There's no cap on how many people come! hehe Just be at the meet point at the right time and you'll be fine Will see ya'll there!
  6. 10 inch rims... nice bra Are you running coilovers? Perhaps give @Hank Scorpio a msg, he deals with suspension stuffs
  7. Come down on July 7th... as I said we can all chat about the status of SAUWA and possible ways to help fix it's problems!
  8. Lol no, the chip in my windscreen from the roadworks No roadworks this time! I thought you went to Melb anyway?
  9. Tom... you stay behind me this time...kay...
  10. Drove the route today. Second meet point has changed to Gull on the Great northern Hwy (comes up as gingers roadhouse on google maps) I'll just say now, the route I picked was fun... and great scenery Only had minor roadworks (western power changing out a power pole) only lasted about 200m.
  11. We can talk more about this at July 7th cruise.
  12. Bugger dude, enjoy it though! There will be more don't worry
  13. Digging the interest! Map is completeeee doing a run of it this week/weekend There is also a second meet point for anyone NOR. I'll take a screenshot with directions to it for whoever wants to meet there.
  14. Hehe we all pulled over to see wtf was going on... Good bonding times... I'm doing a simliar run, so there will be a second meet point at the start of the great northern highway. Then from there i'm deciding between two roads... about 30-40 mins extra driving.
  15. Depending on how many skylines are left. A joint sauwa/silwa cruise is necessary. I'm gonna go pester some mods now
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