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  1. Might even be interested in tyres if they are of a similar size! I need some for roadworthy.
  2. 255/40/17 if you have a couple of second handies mate?
  3. Does anyone have any lying around the shed? In the the Brissy area?
  4. I was fishing around under my car's seats this morning, and discovered that there was some wiring that was unplugged under the passenger seat. The drivers side was plugged in, but I was just wondering what these are for? Anyone have the answer?
  5. Hey Stuart, turns out it was the amplifier not the window motor...bugger. Ah well, live and learn! Do you have one mate?
  6. Does anyone have one? Hopefully in Brisbane!
  7. Ok Stuart, I've transferred $70 into your account. I also sent you a PM with address details and phone number. Thanks!
  8. Awesome mate, I'll call you later this morning...
  9. As the title says, I'm chasing an electric window motor for my GT-R. Anyone have one they want to get rid of? Cheers, Quentin
  10. Bump! I need some asap if anyone has em?
  11. Ah bummer... Yeah I really require legal tread, but thanks heaps for checking anyways man. If I wasn't sellin the car, I could've been interested. Maybe someone else has a couple lyin around??
  12. Oooo, possibly awesome - thanks mate!
  13. Hi all, if anyone has 2 tyres with 50% or more tread (legal all over) in 255/40/17 size, let me know! Thanks
  14. Ah well, a lesson learned...that's what you get for doing things in a rush! I am planning on changing the transfer case next, so I guess the 4 or so litres (which have now been emptied), will be flushed anyways.
  15. Has anyone else filled their gearbox by removing the gearstick, and filling it up through the hole? I just did, and it seems the oil (160 bucks worth of Redline Shockproof) was pumped back out the bloody hole again, coating the underside and rear of the car, along with the road/driveway. Awesome.
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