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  1. Dont come on here much anymore,tried sellin the car,didnt work, so wrecked the 33. sold or gave away most parts but i still got the block and running gear. so, got rb25det block forged top and bottom end(pistons, crank,etc) got receipts of work done. This engine has seen close to 240rwkw with mild mods, remap ecu and 14.5psi.got dyno sheets of it at 10.5 psi and 14.5psi. Never boosted over that, but im sure it can handle more. Other parts are, exedy heavy duty clutch.machined flywheel, good gearbox, never crunched, walbro fuel pump and got the lsd as well. selling the block alone for 3.5k, but will let the whole lot go for 5k firm delivered in in Melbourne. i never come on here anymore, so pm for details and/or pics or message me 0401157085. cheers Ben.
  2. Not sure man, most probably performance shopslikeracepace or status would stock or can get them in. I just got a 2nd hand item, have a lookin the for sale section well my walbro one's been great, no problems at all,,but i do hear bosch ones are the big power onesto go for
  3. get an aftermarket one, stock ones(unless u buy them new from nissan($$$), will probably die sooner than later. i got a walbro gss 342 in my car and it more than does the job well on 1 bar boost and goin strong
  4. omg im down for this, the car will be in the shop tomorro,so will be good for then
  5. I'll swap my 360 for it.got 2 controllers and 7 gamesm,no HD cable though.I'm in Victoria so can post.pm me back or MSG me,0401157085 cheers Ben
  6. Hey man,tried calling but didn't get through..anyways I'm after the radiator. U willing to let that go? Name your price and I'll see if it fits,I need it anytime in the coming week,eastern suburbs of melb,so pickup is not a problem at all.message me wen u see this 0401157085 cheers Ben
  7. Hey guys,I posted up a thread about bleeding my clutch,well everything I tried has not worked and I'm out of ideas. I was replacing the clutch slave cylinder and did the bleeding procedure but it's not working,I got no pedal and can't move the car. I was wondering if anyone in the Doncaster area would like to come down and have a look,see if I'm doing anything wrong. Any help at all would be much appreciated. I'm there now tryin to figure this out.. You can call me on 0401157085 thanks guys Ben
  8. Thanks for the reply man I'll giv it a try.but the clutch is just falling to the ground and staying there..and how do I crack the cylinder,?
  9. Happy Easter guys,my 33's slave cylinder started to leak a while ago,givin me grief,I recently bought a 2nd hand one off a gtr from a wecker and tried changing it yesterday.got it all off and in place well in about 10 minutes but the bleeding process was a head fk. I put fluid in,opened the slave,let bubbles out,closed it and did the same to the master and pumped the clutch (had 2 use my hand coz it just dropped straight to the floor).then repeated the process a lot of times but no success.my clutch feels a bit harder but as soon as u get to mid point it just drops to the floor.I thought the cylinder I put in was faulty so I put the old one back in to see if it worked and got the same problem.am I doing somethin wrong? I followed the sau guide on how to bleed the clutch.my car'd kinda stuck where it is now,so any help wil b greatly appreciated.,thanks guys Ben
  10. Yea I need help with this,tried bleeding it after putting a new slave in, but the clutch won't get pressure.wat am I doin wrong?
  11. Yea I need help with this,tried bleeding it after putting a new slave in, but the clutch won't get pressure.wat am I doin wrong?
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