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  1. Hey guys I got some gear from a wrecked 34 sedan I want to get rid of which includes Complete rear cradle $500 Full set of doors in black $100 ea Front suspension L and R with springs and adj camber pins $150ea R34 turbo good condition $150 GFB Stealth BOV $100 Pair of fenders black one with a little damage but easy fix $100ea All negotiable text me as I don't really get time to come on here 0424643169 In Bunbury W.A Cheers
  2. Hey guys well for now im going to build it so i is capable of high but i only have an rb25 turbo for now which is gonna do shit all at such rpm. So ill buy the gear put it together get it balanced and run in and leave all the other gear standard. And as for keeping stock internals well the main reason for this build is the pistons had a shit load of play. So i have a strong starting point for any modifications in the way of power it comes down to turbo selection to get the right power band i suppose. I dont expect this to get of the line great but drop a gear or 2 and it should go sick. Thanks Cameron
  3. Hey guys thanks for all the replies im suprised by the support i knew i was gonna get the "Just get a 25 they are way better" but i dont want to do that. As for low down i was thinking in the end a getrag 6 speed but that costs a shit load so that can wait. For now im just going to do the bottom end and when money permits start building a head with all the gear. Does anyone know if Tomie still manufactures all there gear for Rb20s because i know they used to have a pretty comprehensive range. And thanks for the tip on GTS ill have a chat to them as they came out and did some quotes a while ago. Thanks Cameron
  4. Cool thanks for the replies this was just a thought as i bought the car and it did a head gasket so i took the head off and there was alot of play in the pistons and i was looking into a rebuild. As our work sources parts form a place in which we can get up to 35% discount and can get ARP and ACL parts cheaper. Before i got the job i did a heap of work exp so i know the guys at just headworx (that will only mean something to the guys in W.A) and they do head machining and rebuilding aswell as block machining and repairs. So i will see how i go its something im still willing to investigate. Quotes i got include 60$ per cylinder for a bore and hone 380$ for a complete balance of the crank and rods and all up for head clean up, dismantle, rebuild and a pressure test somewhere around 1000$. But either way im going to rebuild the motor and see how i go. Thanks Cameron
  5. This is why my post count is so low because its a waste of time cuz all i get is shit but i do have a r32 gts4 and havnt changed my profile yet and a dry sump is considered but i just wanna know if i should buy a tomie or n1 oil pump and/or put restrictors in the head. Being a apprentice mechanic i see the same thing all the time and i dont wanna do that with my car and put a 25 or 26 in it and being a gts4 is hard to find an rb25. Thanks Cameron
  6. Hey guys im looking at building a rb20det that can rev to about 10,000 rpm ive got quote on machining and balancing and it all seems do able money wise and i dont see any reason as to why a rb20 couldnt rev to 10 when an rb30 can. So what i really want to know is if the rb20 has the same oil problem as the rb26 and if i need for fiddle around with the galleries or not. And i dont care if you dont like the idea its not your money or your car but any helpful posts would be much appreciated. Thanks Cameron
  7. hey mate to make a rb22 you can use either 26rods with crank and standard pistons or 82mm pistons with stock rods and crank. And an rb24 use the 82mm pistons and 26 crank and rods search rb24 and you will find heeps of good threads to look at
  8. +1 for kevin and i voted for smelly tree aswell
  9. holy shit bart those pics are sik were they takin out at halifax?
  10. What condition was the head in cuz it could be a cracked head. Cheers Cameron
  11. yeah alrite thabnks for your help but now the only problem is cash since i got non lol
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