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  1. The corolla is a boring idea, the SSS is pretty good. Otherwise he could just find a VP commodore slap some stockies on the rear and save the other $7000 for the diff replacements and traffic fines. You dont need a mattress in the back of wagon for ya missus or ya best mates little sister there are many places you can go for that sort of thing.
  2. N15 Pulsar SSS Small, Fast, Nimble and cheap to maintain. Good first car and one you'll never forget.
  3. They are zippy and good on fuel and you'll never find a more reliable car. But at the same time I've never liked small cars, they always seem to be working hard. I've always prefered to lazy torque of a six, driving up to sydney feels so good to be able to just reach 80, put it in 5th and the car just pulls itself up the hill (coming from Wollongong). But at the same time nothing makes you feel more like a rally driver than having a 2litre four screaming while going through the twisties.
  4. Thanks mate. I know what you mean about stock magna handling, my old 97 exec was like a boat and this was in part why it died so violently (rain + understeer = broken axles). but they can be modded to handle great, yea not a skyline great but still I take my vrx for quick runs through the south coast national park and it just has mountains of grip. It has to be pushed pretty hard to get understeer and never gets oevrsteer, lift off or otherwise.
  5. Yea i remember in 2fast 2furious they killed Paul Walkers skyline in at the start of the movie then give him an EVO. Evos are great but would have rather seen the movie the other way around with the skyline living and the Evo being killed off at the beginning. Mitsubishi has a fair stake in the cars the'hero' driver drives 1: Walker has a Eclipse for the star 2: He is given a Evo and his mate Eclipse 3: The main guy is given a Evo...
  6. Cheers heaps mate. Just needed figures like that cuase if I go head with this just want a week to week idea of what the car will cost me. The on-board computers in magnas will only go for 20hours this beep at you till they're are reset so they usually get done once a week. They're fairly accurate on the freeway but around town they are useless throwing up huge figures Based on this should only be a slight increase in all round costs so yea this could actually be feasible
  7. Go a VRX (manual only) pick one up for under 10k, great on fuel, stick to the road like a cracky to his stash and they'll put down most commodores and falcons.
  8. Well yes that the same for anything from a XR8 to a Charade, but the difference being what they actually consume. For example with calm no 'dickhead' driving the vrx does a averaged 9.8lt/100km with 'dickhead' sprints every now and then it'll put up a average of 10.5lt/100km. Was trying to see if you guys could answer questions like that. Google isn't much help unless you have a GTR and wikipedia only has power figures, no 0-100, no torque figures.
  9. lol yes but you do have a GTR, its not that exactly a car that competes against the Prius for greenest car.
  10. so N/A is 147kw GT-T has 206kw. Thanks wikipedia. Now to the other questions on how do they handle, fuel econ, etc etc anyone wanna help?
  11. Take into account magna's have a 71lt tank
  12. Hey Im a new member and just got a few questions. I've got a 2000 Magna VR-X manual that is my pride and joy but recently I've been thinking of getting something different and skyline R34's have taken my eye, however I have never been in one or driven one so was hoping you guys could tell me a bit about how they handle, 0-100, power figures, fuel econ, reliability, ruggedness (ie how will they take being driven hard). Basically looking for something that handles as good as my VRX, is a bit quicker (VRX does lmid/low 7s) gets roughly same fuel econ (I get 550-600). Looking towards N/A as I'm 22 and don't wanna be killed off by insurance but at the same time if any of you guys around that age have GT-Ts what's your comp insurance like? Im with shannons right now and pay about $1000 for bought price of $9,800 with all mods listed. Really appreciate your opinions and info on the cars. Cheers
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