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  1. The AFMs are still connected to the Apexi pods but are not used by the Link G4. You dont need them. I just have not got around to getting new plumbing. I will refund your flight from Melbourne to Sydney if you pay over $20,500.
  2. The car needs to sell guys. Offers over $20,000 will be accepted.
  3. This car is in excellent condition - surely someone is interested???
  4. Bump - price drop guys 22,500?? any feedback welcomed
  5. bump - anyone interested??? happy to consider offers
  6. Guys I have an issue with my headlights in my R32 GTR. The park lights work, the alarm goes off when I turn the lights on without turning the car on, the blue light for the high beam comes up as normal and the dash lights work - BUT the headlights will not work. The switch was an issue, it used to require a hard twist to get the head lights to work - but that now doesnt work either. Also my Hicas light is coming on intermitently (not sure if this is related in terms of fuse wiring etc) Any suggestions? I dont really want to take the switch out unless i can be sure thats the problem - any way to test?
  7. Hi All I am selling my R32 GTR - recently rebuilt engine (i picked the car up today with only 250km on the engine - a further 1250km before the rev limit is taken off and the final tune is done). I am after $25,000. Have receipts for well over $30,000 for repairs and improvements etc - $16,000 of them at Advan by me. Email me if interested - I am in Sydney. jonathon.a.pearce@au.pwc.com This car has a host of extras. Recent addition to the family proving to be more difficult to manage than thought. All import compliance docs and receipts available. Engine firstly rebuilt less than 9000km ago (3000km on it when I bought it) - bad ring assembly and running rich meant I have had to rebuild the engine after owning the car for less than 6000km. New engine less than 300km - built by Peter Hopkins of Advan Performance. Motor comes with warranty. I am currently running the engine in - just got it back today 9 Sep 09. Engine OS Giken Forged Pistons - brand new ACL Race Bearings- brand new ARP con rod bolts- brand new N1 Oil Pump- brand new Metal head gasket 1.2mm- brand new New Clutch Reco Flywheel Sard 700cc injectors and hi flow fuel rail - less than 2000km Adj cam gears - less than 2000km Re-located oil filter - less than 9000km Splitfire coil pack - less than 9000km NGK Iridium Plugs - New Head serviced etc - New Turbos - Hi Flowed steeel bearing N1 spec - less than 9000km Apexi pod filter - less than 9000km Exhaust 4 inch through to HKW Super Dragger muffler - less than 9000km Link G4 EMS (AFMs no longer needed) - less than 2000km Turbosmart E-Boost 2 - less than 9000km HKS Turbo Timer - less than 9000km Momo wheel Tinted windows Pearl Maroon/red paint Rays 18*10 rims + 98% rubber Alarm, central locking and anti theft stuff Interior A1 condition New Ventilated discs plus race pads Gearbox and diffs all A1 Some small scratched on front lip and wheels (from my work car pack) - Otherwise paint is excellent
  8. I had a misfire problem for the past month after installing a new ECU, cam gears and injectors (R32 GTR). We replaced ignitor, coils, plugs, ECU - checked fuel filter, fuel pump, earthings etc etc - remapped fuel also. After doing this (all on Dyno etc) we still couldnt resolve it. IT ENDED UP BEING THE EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKET!!! If you get nowhere on the electrics try to listen out for a hissing noise around the exhaust manifold.
  9. Guys, I have posted this problem before but I am just not getting anywhere - 4 trips back to machanic, hours on the dyno but no luck Took car to very reputable mechanic following done: R32 GTR with Link G4 just installed, 700 cc Sard, Adj cam gears It has splitfires and iridium plugs, runs Eboost 2 at 18psi Car developed a very bad missfire only days after getting it back. Mechanic also said engine rings were on the way out (engine was rebuilt 7000km ago 3500km before i bought it). I get a bad misfire from about 3800 to 5500, it revs well up until then 3800 and after 5500. Things we have tried: We have changed the ignitor a number of times - no difference Changed coils - no difference Changed plugs - no difference Put on a power FC - no change AFM's have been unplugged as G4 doesnt need them - no difference Tried new loom - no difference Checked connections with amp and all look good Problem goes away once i get the engine really warm (way above normal temp - as if you have been boosting it heaps etc) - but i think this is because the mechanic has programmed the G4 to put more fuel into the engine at that operating temp at that specific rev range. With the knowledge that programming the G4 to put more fuel into the car at certain temps and certain revs - can you guys suggest we try something else. Only had a GTR for 6 months and I am getting close to torching it. I have also thought of testing the following. Air leaks from intercooler Fuel pump
  10. Hi - The forum rules wont let me PM you. can you email me at jonathon.a.pearce@au.pwc.com, am interested in the bottom end + oil pump
  11. HI - will this be sufficient for a GTR? ie is 1.5ltr big enough? Also I can't PM you - please email me your response so I can send you my offer. (jonathon.a.pearce@au.pwc.com)
  12. All I have searched the forums but have not been able to find the answer. Basically I have traced a misfire issue to what seems to be the Ignitor - we had the car on the Dyno today, changed the Ignitor and the bad misfire between 3000 - 4000 when load comes on hard went away. We checked the coils (Spitfire) and the mechanic seemed sure it was the ignitor, as we tried 2 standard coils but same problem. Also we changed spark plugs, so eliminated that issue. However, after driving the car a good 40km the problem is back??? I have a new G4 ecu, and the car has been fully tuned, mapped last week. Do you think the ignitor is still the issue - the one we changed it to was not new? If I get a HKS Twin Spark amplifier does that mean I wont need the ignitor? Any other ideas?
  13. Thanks - makes sense The link, injectors and cam gears were all done at same time - Turbos, whilst originally stock, are now N1 in size. original injectors needed replacing so thought may as well get the bigger ones given that I was chasing +300kw - until i got the bad news
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