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  1. rb26 crank preferably long nose crank, located in melbourne. Let me know what you've got
  2. Need an rb25 box. Let me know what you have got
  3. WTB: R34 GTT. Must be manual, no $$$ limit for the right car and willing to travel interstate for right car. PM me what you have
  4. Looks the goods. Can't wait to see what numbers you punch out, what are you aiming for?
  5. Want to buy blown -5's or 2530's, or even just the housings as that's all i'm after.
  6. Was barry burning when you thrashed the evo? lol
  7. Looking for an R33 GTR airbox and some broken or stock afms
  8. It's not just had to add in some characters for the character limit. Was my car, was just refreshing his memory
  9. Imagine if you kept the -5's and went e85 like you had originally planned, that shit could have gone really wrong spinning that thing hard. Personally i would be trying to find his mobile/home number and chatting with him to see what he says. Generally i would have given him the benefit of the doubt and his builder had rolled him, however his shady actions hint other wise (blocking you, not replying etc) On another note, it's good to see that you are keeping this car and going ahead with your build. You would have regret selling it, especially more so once it's back on the road.
  10. Shame you went t51r and needed a bigger motor, this motor is really strong. Good buy for whoever picks it up
  11. hmm if you wanna update the kw to my old car it was 318. If i ever get my new one back from the damn shops i would be able to update with a 10
  12. Atleast nobody will suspect me coming home from gay clubs wearing leather chaps. People will think i'm on a harley
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