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    2002 Silver NM35
  1. Got Dales wheels last week and they went in for rubber today. Pics tomorrow of the ARX-spectacular wheels on the M35. Checkout my Mobile technology blog
  2. Sound advice thanks. The welds were worrying me. I saw those rims in the classies and they look OK, nice price. But I've never liked the idea of spacers.
  3. Sweet, I love the ARX rims. PM sent
  4. Sounds bizarre but since the cheapest quote I got for tyres on my standard M35 stagea wheels was over $300 for some pretty ordinary tyres, it seems as though it makes more sense to buy an new set of wheels and then get tyres for them. Different profile = more options = better prices. Looking at some wheel and tyre packages form import monster I thought I would try here for some advice (searching around the forum for wheel and tyre info for the beast has done my head in). These are some attractive options but does anyone know whether they will work on the M35 without messing it up?: http://www.importmonster.com.au/shop/produ...products_id=914 or http://www.importmonster.com.au/shop/produ...roducts_id=1038
  5. clipped a curb and scuffed my wheel
  6. Got the front Aero bar fitted. Black mesh. Now just need the Fog lights
  7. crap. I had a feeling but crapanyway
  8. The listing says: INFINITI infinity NISSAN genuine M45 M35 Y50 [huga] latter-term type P rear bumper but I'm not certain...
  9. I'd love to upgrade my standards to the RSR one's. How about a swap?
  10. de-badged it: sorry about the crappy phone photo quality
  11. Just car renewal came in and it went up $100! WTF? I haven't made a claim so for a year of no claim motoring they put my premium up?! Time to switch. Is it worth a phone call you think or just jump?
  12. I don't. I have been struggling to figure out what to put in. The factory one's are round but I've been toying with putting in square one's. The mount is quite square. There's also a nice (round) set of projectors one's I've seen and a light strip of LED's like on the audi's which might look good too. The spotties on one of the Lexus sedans look nice too, sort of oval shaped. Can't decide dammit.
  13. agree, black mesh going in now i need the other aero bits or else a nice alternative rear and sides...
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