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  1. I'll maybe take a crack at taking it apart. Luckily i do have someone local with one which is why i was seeing if it would work coming out of a 96. so thanks for the info
  2. Somehow the Off button broke so the unit just stays on all the time. otherwise it works its just an annoyance that it stays on.
  3. Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows if the climate controls from a 93 to at least 96 gtst/gtr would work with each other. they look all the same at the plug in but there are different model numbers and there isnt much info on them. if anyone can clear this up so i dont buy something that doesnt work would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
  4. Is your setup stock ? If not how close is your afm to your turbo.?
  5. I have no issues other than trimming the bumper and the rebar. But I didn't have fogs.
  6. would be better if you could remove the door. let alone open it. I think as long as there isnt any frame damage it should be fine. dont know if aus is as quick to write off jdm like canada is but just from that picture looks like its fixable.
  7. Haha well my bad then. Didn't know that changed. Glad they made it simpler. Hope you figure out your issue.
  8. rb20 ecu cannot run vct. since rb20s never had it. it needs to be run off a trigger from either a boost controller with an aux output or a switch. only way to get it to work as per normal would have been by using a z32 ecu instead of rb20.
  9. i believe my tuner mentioned that the maf could be relocated into the intercooler piping but its not ideal, or the way my setup is with the stock intake manifold and the piping layout its not ideal. im not sure. probably has to do with space as well. I took a look at the tune. it shows that vct is set but i have no way of seeing if its working i dont think. if anyone is proficient with nistune and wants to take a look at my file let me know. I just believe its possible to spool at the very least 1000 rpm sooner. cause right now i can pretty much gear through 1st and it will make about 5 psi.. pretty much all motor and this hits 18 almost right away in second.
  10. I do have afm issues slightly with how close it is. I also knew I was going to. I wanted to have a unique setup without doing what everyone does with for forward manifolds plus already had the return flow IC. I'm going to pull the tune and take a look at it and check about vct. I know there's not much room for things but can you explain the blow through setup?
  11. Stock S1 motor. not even head studs. Z32 Nistune ecu 550cc sti injectors. Holset he351cw @ 18psi cx racing topmount 4" complete exhaust 407 hp and 314 ft lbs I know its a big turbo. but right now my only issue is how late it spools. Ive seen similar holsets on smaller motors spool as early as 4200. according to my tuner the only way to get it to spool sooner is to change timing which will make me lose a lot of power. Opinions would be nice.
  12. Well went with a tial. Im running a holset he341 at about 18ish
  13. The shop my car is at advised me that my stock bov would leak with the power that will be ran. What would be a decent upgrade with retaining recirculation. I have read before that using a gtr stock unit is an upgrade. Am i incorrect? Thank you.
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